Thursday, 12 September 2013

Come On Over And Do The Twist

bleurrrgh, I'm ill and I've had the dreaded blog lethargy, just no interest in doing it.
But, here I am, too under the weather to pose but happy to show you all my latest purchases
Broderie Anglais blouse £3.99, ASOS lace cami £1.99, Lempicka book £1.49 (wanted one for ages) all from Oxfam. Cutwork blouse £1 from Towersey Festival
Last Saturday Mike, his brother and I went round the corner to look at the local garage sale
Despite some misplaced letters and some greengrocer's apostrophes it was really good

I spotted this from a distance and cried to the stallholder "how much is the doll, I must have the doll!"
She was 50p, bargain. From the same people I also got some 70s sheets and pillow cases
I teamed them up with this romantic 80s duvet cover which was £4 in a charity shop
This superbly soft Aran jumper was £1 from the same people
30s chinz cup was part of a set til the poor owner smashed it when picking it up, the cup was fine so I got it for free! The dog draft excluder was 50p, Mike spotted it for me.
 I'm going to add some poppers to the vintage sewing bag so I can use it as a handbag - charity shop
Lovely for winter, this Monsoon moss velvet dress still had all the tags on - Oxfam
You may remember a comment I made last year about no wanting to look like a fat slag in a short skirt? , I don't want to look like a fat slag in a crop top either. I've discovered that by wearing high waisted  skirts or jeans I can totally get away with it - and if a little bit of midriff peeks out occasionally, so what?
These two crop tops are fantastic, the rose one is from ebay and the My Little Pony one is from Primark
  Lucy and I have been swapping art in the post, she sent me this....
She dubbed it PMS art, I agree. And I love it
I've been collecting old bottles for years, this one I couldn't seem to get clean, so I decided just to decoupage it (I bought the bottle stopper in an antiques shop on holiday)

I bought these 90s Levis in a chazza for £7 - expensive!
The Tiger was on a pair of Primark pants I bought for Mike, but, somehow, they were ripped, so I snaffled the print before he chucked them out.
Sweetpeas I grew
oh and I'm finally appreciating Nirvana after all these years