Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Atomic Mildred's Tea Party

I've always been influenced by the 20s and 30s, it's a time I keep returning to. Mary Lou recently posted a photoshoot of her Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party and that inspired me to do my own take. I've also been really inspired by Sarah Moon's 1972 Pirelli Calendar shoot, more on that later.
Let's have some music, I uploaded this song especially, though it's a crime it wasn't on youtube already

1930s Parasol - one of my best finds ever - 50p at a car boot
Dress - is a vintage cotton nightie from ebay
Necklaces - black - used to be Mum's, Coral - 1930s from a shop I used to work in
Belt - Primark
1930s bangles - Charity shop and Second To None
For the porcelain and vintage linen fans...
The green and gold cup was 50p at the Salvation Army Christmas fayre - when I got it home I discovered it was from the 1790s.
The lilac and gold is Japanese 1950s/60s
The Sevres style one is Aynsley from 1910s and the Teapot is 1930s Grindley

Sarah Moon's wonderful romantic and feminine shots were a step away from the usual as far as Pirelli calendars went. I love their 1920s bordello look and the clever painterly use of light.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Salty Days and Sultry Nights

I'm absolutely gutted to be back from holiday! I had a fantastic time, shockingly, the weather was excellent ...around 30 celsius, every single day was hot and sunny. 

The cottage was in it's usual state of romantic disrepair, jackdaws had thrown twigs down the chimney, I washed my hair with a saucepan in the bath, the TV remote was broken so we only had one channel. Luckily I found a complete scrabble set and we'd brought a DAB radio, so we didn't have to make too much conversation....

My parents were staying half an hour up the road, so they could drive me and our luggage all the way to Devon - poor Mike had to get the train after work. Here's my travelling companions. 
   Mum, Dad and I had a swim at Beer.
mmmm look at that water. It was 30c in Sidmouth, so a dip in the sea was most welcome. I made Mike trawl the chazzas and I quickly found this flowery cotton dress...

Here's a quick look at the cottage for those of you who didn't see last years post. It's a time warp, full of aging fabrics, Cornish ware, dust, damp and spiders! 

Sunday was just a beach day at Charmouth

I couldn't resist a day shopping in Axminster.....
More postcards to add to my collection - the motivational one was sent to Mike's friend who was promised "the most hideous postcard I could find", 70s Duvet cover £2.50, 70s socks £1, eyebending tapestry 50p, glass bottle stoppers 50p each and Mike's purchase is this wonderful 1930s shop/hotel/door bell which makes a great noise.

This mad fold out basket was £1. The dress is 1940s and from the legendary Second To None

We visited Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park again, it's such a fantastic little place. 

The walk back to town was very long and hot, so we paddled in the river. 
We also had a meal out in the famous River Cottage Canteen, which was rather lovely.

Wedesday we went to Lyme Regis, the sea was a beautiful azure and wonderfully clear. Mike bought me a snorkel and I even saw (small brown) fish
sexy beach photo for you there
Necklace and swimming cozzie from charity shops
 Hat Primark (turned up by me)
Dress - Monsoon sale
I also bought...
weird Beatles EP, wonder what those springs represent, obligatory seaside rock, weird postcards

Beautiful embroidered picture, Victorian cabinet cards and French 80s Egyptian t shirt all bought in Lyme Regis
Our last day was spent again in Lyme Regis, sweltering in the heat, fending off baby seagulls and snorkelling. 
Looking distinctly damp in certain areas

I'm rather heartbroken I had to come home. I may bore you with some more holiday snaps soon, but I've got a tonne of blogs to catch up on too!

My blog title comes from one of my favourite songs "Cinnamon and Clove" by Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66, beautiful song with beautiful hippy nonsense lyrics


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Down Sunnyside Lane

I'm off on Holiday to Devon tomorrow. Finally, the last weeks have gone so slowly. We went there last year - and the year before. I'm not usually one for returning to the same place time and time again, but it's wonderful AND free and I'm poor so I couldn't turn my nose up at it.
Last week I spent an unprecedented amount on a bag in a charity shop - £6.50! Mental, considering it's not old, or even leather. But I knew I had to have it.
I saw it in the shop window the night before and then dreamt about it. I'm such a weirdo, but I had to have it. You don't see lace bags that often (probably see loads now) and it's handmade
I was very lucky this week to receive a parcel from the Bionic Woman - We'd organised a show swap, but I hadn't expected:
This utterly amazing vintage wicker box. Vix thinks it's 80s but I think it's 50s or 60s.
What do you think?
Vix knows me so well, she knew I'd love this granny heels. I wore them to Hughenden Manor, they have no grip at all, so I was sliding across the parquet floors! I also did my first talk to a group of about 15 visitors on Benjamin Disraeli
She also sent me this wonderful card, which had been sent by her Great Gran to her Grandmother. I adore it, I love overly bright chocolate boxy 1930s cottage pictures.

Not that I have to go far to find my own slice of perfection in nature. The woods are ridiculously lush right now and the air is heady with the scent of honeysuckle, it's hanging everywhere is huge cascading walls.

There are also groves of foxgloves and the ferns have completely taken over

I'll be catching up sporadically on blogs during the week, have a great time everyone!

Friday, 5 July 2013

I saw something nasty in the woodshed.

Well the blue had to go, my roots had grown through and I couldn't bleach it again. Plus I was looking a bit washed out.
You know when the answer to something is staring you in the face? I always wanted a 1920s or 1930s straw hat with an upturned brim - in the style of my 30s heroines: Flora Poste, Emmeline Lucas and Elizabeth Mapp.
They'd alluded me on ebay for years and I'd just been outbid again, when the idea struck me to buy a cheap modern one and just turn up the brim myself and pin it in place. Duhhhh, how obvious
This rather super one is from Primark
Dress from ebay with collar sewn on by me from New Look.
I definitely want to dedicate a whole post to Cold Comfort Farm sometime soon.

Since it's actually hot, I can get away with just wearing this M&S nightie as a dress, it's too pretty to be hidden away.
I also shopped in Primark again - oops, I really should stay out of there. Whilst I was after something for a project, I found this cream fake leather waistcoat, which I rather love.
I couldn't find any Janelle Monae t shirts in the UK and couldn't afford to ship from the US.... so I made my own. Sweatshirt from Primark £6 and £3 pot of dylon fabric paint, makes this ultra cheap. And since I designed it, the only one in the world. Woo!
My creativeness too a delicious turn, when Mike and I picked elderflower, which I turned into cordial over a couple of days.
It's such a delicious and delicate drink, I'm really pleased with it.
I haven't bought much recently. If you were wondering where I'd gone, I have been very poor, ill, anxious and driving, All at the same time some days. Therefore the only second hand stuff I've bought is:
Obviously the name is what attracted me! Only 80p too, what a bargain!
Madam Pussy Purr Feels Lonely - I only typed it out to see what kind of search stats I'll get!
These pretty Hobbs shoes are real leather and only £3.
That's me done for now, but I'll be back sooner, just before my next holiday!