Sunday, 23 June 2013

Park Life

Today, Mike and I had a stroll in the park opposite his house, we watched house martins, deliquent cows and ate some cake at the cheap and unpretenious church tea rooms

 A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger. Kezzie was part of an orchestra who learnt and performed an opera in a weekend. The fantastic music camp is only 10 minutes down the road from my house, so I'll be going back asap, especially as they do painting sessions

Hurrah, I'd never seen a whole opera before - the performance was Janacek's Kat'a Kabanova. We sat on old armchairs on a mezzanine at one end of a large ramshackle studio, there was no sound system, it was all just pure orchestra and it was magical!

Last week was the Naphill village fete. I usually get something good. I've been going for years and past successes include a whitefriars vase for 20p, a 70s bass guitar for £1.50, a 30's tea set for £1 and a 1930s chair for £5. 
The glory days are over and I'm not allowed to buy any more furniture - grrrr......... but I did get the following...
The book stall never disappoints, fake flowers and old tin tray 50p- ish each
amazing 50s space themed glasses 10p each, Obligatory Blogger Deer (OBD), Christmas Angel and long necked cat. 
This amazing LP, the only one worth having at the fete. When I got home I put this on and danced round my room during the torrential rain. 
one of the MAMBO JAMBO classics on the album

I also got the most horrible brooch EVER

I hope you like clowns. This one could join Krista's hideous collection
old scissors, 1960s St Michael scarf and weird Turkish coasters

oh and we had loads of luck on the tombola. I had also won a recipie book and a book to write lists in, but donated them to the bookstall because I knew I'd never use them
I bought the cakes and the coffee pot is ours, but everything else is our winnings. I bet I'll be drinking that bottle of Benedictine for the next 10 years. Love those Bronnley lavender soaps.AND the vintage port, lurvley

I bought these amazing Mondi leopard harem pants for £2 in a charity shop recently. The top is an old but crisp cotton slip, with beautiful cutwork and embroidery. (I have a thing about old manual mowers, I just love the noise they make)

Here's a great label for you label lovers and a close up of the slip

Right I'm orf again, Have a great week. I'm leaving you with a beautiful bunch of Pinks in my old Wedgewood Teapot (village fete bought Whitefriars in the background)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tipping On The Tightrope

Yesterday I had a great day of charity shopping and art with my friend Paul. If anyone knows how to put an outfit together it's him and he pointed out these super high waisted Hockey Mom jeans and immediately matched them to this leopard print swimming costume I just bought. We both agreed this look would evoke a John Waters heroine.  
Jeans - £2.99
Swimming costume - £4.30
Sunnies - Ebay
Necklace - Charity shop
After the charity shopping we went to a private view for a new exhibition at Angelika Studios of Martyn Cross' work. I absolutely love it, fantastic use of knitting patterns
I also found this awesome yellow silk blazer for £3
I also excitedly picked up these early 60s Jazz EPs. I got my 60s record play out the loft. It's had two careful owners, my aunt and me, but after nearly 50 years it seems to be going a bit senile.
EPs 50p-£1 each
I also bought: tie dye top, 70s dress, 80s sweater, carved Bakelite bangle, ebay sunnies
This is my new 70s maxi from ebay. The label is great - "Clifton Slimeline, where BIG is beautiful!"
Here's a song I've had in my head for ages, I love Janelle Monae's style.
Back soon!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Atomic Mildred On The Island That Time Forgot

It was a bit cold in the sea.

So Atomic Mildred has returned from beyond the sea. She had a wonderful time with her beaux Michael, his brother Rob and wife Caroline. Many thanks to his parents who visit every year for a boat rally. 
The Isle Of Wight was fantastic this time round, thanks to the weather which was mainly good and our caravan which was super 80s but also super in every other way
We settled in very quickly, the weather enticed us out on the beach and into the pool
 I bought the blue and white rose dress here last year!
Monday brought us more great weather and Bembridge street fair and Tuesday it rained so we went to Ryde for some shopping - I bought loads  
Another Dr's bag £4 and a 1920s scrap album £4
more books, 1950s "Better-Maid" Wedgewood style plant pot, 1930s powder puff and dish, bath powders
Loads of ephemera 10p each!, cheesy 45s 25p each and 40's Beatrix Potter book.
Wednesday we visited Sandown which is, er, run down, but nice, we did a bit of beach hunting, bought loads of sweets, I ate all mine.
I have a holiday tradition of buying the brightest ice cream I can

Thursday we visited Butterfly and Fountain World (again, we did this last year) and The Lilliput Doll Museum
The Doll museum was amazing and terrifying and adorable all in one go

Creepy, but I would definitely give them shelf space at home
On Friday the weather finally sorted itself out again and we headed to Nodes Point beach, which is next to our ill fated camping trip last year. I don't think I'll need physio for dodgy knees caused by damp tents this year
I promised Curtise some bathing beauty beach shots... I don't hate myself in a swimming costume. Up yours Special K.
I also made a little on site tribute to Monsieur Hulot's Holiday which is one of my all time favourite films
Friday night was the Yacht Club dinner - we didn't spend much time on the boat this year but joined in with the free meal and prize giving
My impractical shoe choice for the week panned out well. I adore these highly sensible Clarks sandals, especially with cute socks.
ooh I bought a pair of bloomers but no other clothes! Can you believe it!
I'll be back soon with some out-takes I expect, I've left out a couple of purchases!
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