Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Skylark, Have You Anything To Say To Me

 Skylark, have you seen a valley green with spring
where my heart can go a journeying

 over the shadows and the rain
to a blossom covered lane?
 Faint as a Willo The Wisp, Crazy as a loon
Hat - The Vintage Festival
Sunglasses - Camden Market, with flowers added by me
Dress - Reduced from £20 to £12.75 in Sainsburys. I adore the button detail
Bangle - Second To None
Casket Basket   - Ebay
Shoes - Ebay
It's a great feeling when you mention something obscure to a friend and it turns out they love it too. This is what happened with the wicker lunch box, which was just a prop in Sherlock Holmes - The Red Headed League. Both Em, my spooky bitch partner and I had clocked this gem.
The Red Headed League - The Jeremy Brett Sherlock version is absolutely perfect. The production values in that series makes Downton look like Acorn Antiques

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bad Taste Blonde

Sometimes when you try to dress well you only end up disappointed, so dressing badly is the only solution.
Visor - Jumble sale
Bolle Sunnies - Charity shop
Necklaces and Bracelets - Charity/Village fete/Garage sale/Second to None
Shirt - Flea Market
Waistcoat - Ebay
Leggings - Ebay
80s shoes - Charity shop
Today, after the worst driving lesson ever, I needed some trash to cheer me up.
I've also reblonded. Here's my bleach blond inspiration
Crysi de Milo, Debbie Harry, Sara and Patsy Stone
I've been trying my hand at decopage
This wonky but effective effort was done using super glue and clear varnish, to cover my sewing suitcase with this rather camp poster.
The small chest of drawers I keep my craft crap in was transformed from this...

to this!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bloomers and Blogger Love

Yesterday, I travelled up from Wycombe to Walsall to meet three gorgeous ladies: Vix, Curtise and Tania
Curtise was due to turn up a bit later, annoyingly because of wanky trains it was 3 hours later, but she got there and we all had a riot. Whilst we were waiting we explored the flea market and the Indian trimmings stall
Indian trimmings Margaret Tarrant print 50p, Orange lace table mats 20p, Eye Eye Haircomb, made by me! and blurry postcard of lady and baby £1
Walsallians (or Walsallites?) were on fine form, Vix and Tania just missed the huge guy singing gospel in a loud woman's voice. When Curtise arrived we had lunch and more giggling. We also swapped presents....
From Vix a selection of 80s dresses and a silk shirt
Turns out Tania is really creative and had designed these gorgeous cards, the mug and the little kawaii magnets, also she added some perfectly pastel 80s earrings, a great looking book and more hideous children.
From Curtise, this sleepy dog to add to my matching figurines and this very cute complete wildlife cigarette card book!
What generous girls, so generous in fact that I had to buy a cheap hessian shopping bag to shove all my goodies into. Which became ridiculously heavy and mysteriously weightier through out my journey home
Second To None was our pilgrimage place and we had a fantastic time there, poor June, putting up with us cackling and riffling through everything, not to mention wandering round in our undies (mostly upstairs, though I did venture downstairs in a bottomless cozzie...)

Curtise trying on a beautiful green 50s evening jacket and Vix gathering piles of stuff.
From Second to None - 1940s spring jacket, 30s carved Bakelite bangle and pendant. I also bought this gorgeous lady from the 20p section of the flea market, she was chipped all over but I managed to restore her former glory with some acrylic paint

Vix didn't buy this daring little number -mad woman, think of the customers she'd attract when doing Kinky Melon at fesitvals!

I also bought nearly every pair of bloomers in the shop!
The minty green pair have a WWII CC41 label, the blue pair were 40s too and the dashing pink ones a bit newer
A Liberty skirt and handmade silky bloomers from Second to None, some saucey fishnets from Vix and a pink handknitted bed jacket from Scope
I forgot to take any photos of myself so.... Photo Curtisey of Curtise....
I wore: Coat - charity shop, Bag - Clarks, Dress - Ebay, Tights - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Office via Ebay
We got invited in to Vix and  Jon's den of fabulousness
Tea and chats were had and then all too soon it was time for Tania to drive us back to the station!
Another brilliant, though knackering blogging day out. I'll hopefully be modelling some purchases soon!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Madame Butterfly

Butterfly headress - made by me (approx cost £8)
earrings - £2 Oasis
Sabbath T shirt - £3 Primark (How often are these band t's bought by genuine fans?)
80s French Connection  - £3 Charity shop
Socks  - £1 River Island
Shoes - £2 Charity shop

I've had a pretty good week of charity shopping and even some the high street shops yielded choice goodies
1930s Grindley Teapot, velvet bow bangle, Victorian carved bone brooch and Italian and French 60s singles all from charity shops, gorgeous rose dress and groovy pj bottoms in 25% off sale at Sainsbury's. This video on identifying antique brooches helped me prove the date of the little brooch.

Yesterday, Lisa and I went to Reading for a spot of shopping, I managed to spend very little, only getting the t-shirt and earrings you see above along with some bobby socks. The sun was actually shining and I didn't even need a coat

I just had to photograph this Easter Cloutie Tree next to the church, I love this melding of ancient pagan and early Christian tradition within a modern city centre.

Something very exciting is coming up on Wednesday....