Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Parade

In your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady in the easter parade.

Easter bonnet - Charity shop with felt flowers made by me
Dress - Beyond Retro
Sash - Ebay
Square dance petticoat - Charity shop
Shoes   - from a friend
The straw hat is surprisingly a 1950s one and was a bargain at 95p.

Yes, it's a super Kawaii super Weird Easter Crown
This weekend I will be mostly eating

I'll be wearing a warmer version of this outfit at Hughenden Manor tomorrow should you happen to drop by.
If you missed my last post, here's the link
I can't end the blog without a link to wonderful Fred Astaire and Judy Garland film Easter Parade

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

L is for Lobotomized, M is for More More More

Yeah sorry to go on about the weather, but the photos above are me on the 26th March in 2012 and 2013. Sadly that's not my house or my bedroom. The bedroom is in Hughenden Manor where I volunteer as a room guide. Yes I have laid on the bed before, but ssshhh.
The fur stole went down really well, it's perfect for a drafty manor house (note authentic Victorian electric heater) and even has mobile phone sized pockets.
Despite the crappy weather I have managed to procure some great stuff.

I watched this dress on ebay and even had a dream about it so I knew I had to have it. Annoyingly it rides up a bit, but still looks great. It was advertised as 50s and I think that's right.
But check out the shhhoooooesss. I am very much in love with these
squeal! These brand new Office shoes - same range as the ones I bought the other week - were less than half price on Ebay, I thought I was going to have to fight some hipster bitches for them. AND they're super comfy.
Despite being SUPER EMBELLISHING BITCH I am just going to add a ribbon to this fake leather collar/bib and wear it as a necklace  -  I didn't want to just attach it to one item of clothing.

Unlike this beauty, for which I'm finding a suitable garment.

Something which didn't escape the embellishing bug are these cats eye sunglasses, I think they were £1 from the Isle Of Wight and I bought 1000 rhinestones for 99p on ebay. Bargain!
Now all I need is some sun...
Normally I'm a total BAD GIRL who never does anything nice and homely. Well not when anyone's looking anyway. But splitting up this jumble sale bought cup and saucer and turning them into plant pots seemed a good idea. And these Primroses were 70p each, so that's a nice chintzy display for about £1.70.
Now, here's a special treat, something to help you remember your alphabet, my friend Paul will teach you how. Please let me know your favourite letter.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tell Me About It.... Stud

That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighbourhood
I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb 
 I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation 
 Hair tie - Krista
Sunglasses - Charity shop
 earrings - retail somewhere
Necklaces - Heart shaped - made by Krista, Fimo Tiger - Charity shop, Silver Sun - Hippy stall in 1993
Shirt - Jumble sale
Polka dot top  - £3.50 Sainsburys
Shorts - £2 Primark
Gloves - Tiger Lily in Oxford
Tights - White Stuff
Shoes - Office

I've been stud happy this last week, I ordered a load from ebay  - they're extremely cheap and added the pink ones to the denim shirt and a load of gold ones to this...

This waistcoat started life as a typical 80s jacket. It didn't really fit me so I tried unsuccessfully to flog it on ebay (three times!) I was inspired by a picture in Vogue (first fash mag bought in 8 years last week) to chop it up and add the studs and iron on patch. 

I mentioned the decline of inspiring Vogue covers here, but lo and behold they went all edgy again...
I was extremely lucky to get a parcel from the delicious pixie of Portland Krista
 This beautiful 70s card which she'd made into a work of art

That lovely necklace again and alllll the marshmallows, I LOVE marshmallows, these have been eaten. 

and this amazing Kyary style hair band... modelled by Ruby
She also sent me a card with a beautiful note, what a wonderful lady. 

I also got a lovely parcel from Croydon Cutie Lakota
A very sweet Dutch postcard, gorgeous nail varnishes, a wonderfully creepy ring and a tackilicious unicorn brooch. Thanks love!

What lovely ladies. I've been spoilt!

This week in the charity shops I bought:

Sunnies - as above
yellow leather satchel - £1
more padded hangers to add to my collection  - 49p each
2 pairs of stockings - 25p each
1950s fake fur stole  - £5

Rebel Girl You Are The Queen Of My World

(1985 cushion from charity shop 12 years ago)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Letting The Side Down...

or batting for the other team?
Oh dear Ladies, I've let you down and bought not one but TWO full price high street items. You've got my address to send the hate mail to...
oops, I bought a brand new bag from Clarks. But, I totally fell in love with it, everything about it perfect, apart from the fact it isn't vintage. It's got a great Jackie O vibe.
and then
Uh oh!! New shoes! From Office. These are my dream shoes. They're just like ones I had when I was for primary school, except mine were black. Clarks did a range called Magic Steps - here's the advert. Even a hardened Tom Boy like me wanted a pair - they had a key in a bubble in the heel.
Ok so that's it for my high street spending. Hopefully you'll forgive me, but seriously those shoes are the cat's nipples and the bag is luscious.
I was extremely lucky to recieve a parcel of happiness from the supremely talented Lucy.
She sent me this utterly stunning 60s/70s dress with pussy bow and sheer sleeves. It's bloody gorgeous - like Lucy herself and fits like a dream.
I was wearing the hat because it was snowing out there today!
She also sent...
This beautiful scarf/necklace is being modelled by Ruby. I'm going to attach my National Trust Volunteer Card to it.
Love this 80s minty green home knit jumper too!
If that wasn't enough, another blogger - the amazing Em of Ivy Black Chat sent me a parcel too.
 A treasure tin of rik rak, pom poms, an undead lego lady and a pink plastic poodle.
More dye... what will I transform? Apart from my hands which I always manage to stain when dying clothes.
a 50s doll... she has neither clothes nor a name yet, poor girl, it's bitterly cold out there right now.
Thank you so much Em and Lucy!
I haven't bought much in charity shops, although my recent band has be negated by the amount I just spent on those shoes and that bag!
I wasn't looking for a liberty scarf but this one was 95p! I was however, looking for yellow nail varnish and this one was 50p - both from charity shops.
Loads of bloggers collect fantabulous psychedellic flower print bed linen, I haven't found any recently but this gorgeous Indian print cover from John Lewis caught my eye. It's probably late 80s
and erm, there's might not have many fans... apart from Em, who is my partner in granny shoe crime! I like their 40s look...
That's it for the moment. I've worked out how to upload songs to Youtube. Here's one my my most favourite songs ever. I find his voice exquiste. It's just beautiful . I took the photo too.
Have a great week

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Sort Of Lilt In The Air

Introducing W.I. Punk
Hat - Charity shop
Necklace and Dress - High On Airfreshner Tamera
60s M&S Cardigan - Charity shop
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Ebay
It's all about mixing fussy floral dresses and hats with acid accessories and looking ready to make jam and sponge cakes at a moments notice... or something, I dunno I just made it up
 There should be a hint of Mapp and Lucia
Close up of the amazing Frida necklace from Tamera
Add an overtone of Noel Coward's Something To Do With Spring, where today's post title comes from

I also got the following in my parcel of love from Tamera
This beautiful Spring green lady card with some rather amusing old adverts on the back and some fairy tarot cards.
And her half of our art collaboration, but I can't show you that yet!
 I also finally got a book on Grayson Perry I'd been waiting for since November and pair of bloomers from Thailand.... I'm now on an Ebay ban!
 Go Grayson, Queen Of W.I. Drag Punk