Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Staunch Character

I found Grey Gardens by chance one Christmas, a strange documentary about two eccentric women living in a ramshackle mansion in The Hamptons.

I loved Big Edie and Little Edie instantly. Though perhaps I could see something in myself in both that wasn't very positive, but strong and passionate

Despite living in terrible conditions the two Edies preferred to cling onto their past than sell it for money. 

Thanks to Vix for this last one!

Little Edie has some fashion advice for you all. The whole documentary is free to watch on youtube

"Mother wanted me to come out in a Kimono, so we had quite a fight"

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Ladies Mile

I don't know about you but I like to dress up in tribute to local legends.

Apparently, the path running past the end of my garden was the haunt of ladies of loose morals, who tempted the cattle drovers on their return from London. It was nicknamed The Ladies Mile. It may also just be a rumour of course, but I hope not. The hills were always more wild and lawless, Naphill had a reputation for being full of robbers and cutpurses in the time of Queen Elizabeth I!

Headband - made it myself
Shawl/Rug - Charity shop
Strawberry top - Jumble sale
Corset - Ebay
Gloves - River Island
Skirts and bloomers - Ebay
Boots - Ebay

No I haven't got terrible dandruff, it's still snowing here

I've been naughty and bought quite a few things recently. The re-discovery of Aylesbury flea market yesterday had me spending a liiiiittle too much, but I got some great stuff
 This brooch/necklace was £2, it's Edwardian. I added the pink cord

Here's some some stuff I've bought recently
Excellent shorts from M&S, Tranny Clown postcard, more on him later and Queen's Coronation Gala Dinner Event Menu from the flea market, Gypsy top from ebay

Everything from Aylesbury flea market, the 1907 postcard was the most expensive thing at £2.50!
Saucy photo etc from "The London Opinion" August 1946, also from the flea market

 I also received a parcel of wonder from the deliciously dark Lucy Nation
I love it all, I wore the checked dress sledging on Saturday. I'm very very bad at sledging

oh and I bought this handbag for £3

and finally.... I found a wonderful C Edwards ballerina print and then this gorgeous book full of beautiful ballerina images.

Have a wonderful week. 

Here's some more folklore from my village:
If a child  looses it's tooth and it isn't burnt and a dog sees it, the child will have the dogs tooth come

So... burn your children's teeth!


Friday, 18 January 2013


Help! It's snowed. And in the UK this means DISASTER. It especially means disaster if said snow has trapped you on a hill when you need to go your boyfriend's house. We're never really prepared for heavy snow in this country so there's no transport from the village. 

Here's me in the garden, the snow was falling from at least 5 different angles at any one time so posing was kept to an absolute minimum!
I love this 60s furry bonnet, so cute
Cat print cardi - Christmas present from my sister
White jersey dress - ebay
80s scarf - charity shop
huge hairy muff - Christmas bazaar
80s ski boots - charity shop

I've been feeling lethargic and sorry for myself all day. and I had made a secret promise to myself to make this a whinge and depression free blog, so I won't moan too much. Perhaps tomorrow will see me as Simmonds of Naphill the great explorer trekking down the hill  - honestly this particular hill is a nightmare - pulling a sledge with my weekend bag on it. 
The reason I'm making so much effort is that this snow has coincided with Mike's birthday, which is Monday and we'd planned a weekend of stuff. Plus being a bit useless I also need to get a few more presents! 

Back to fun stuff... 
This is a fantastic book, at first I thought there might be too many illustrated covers, but it quickly became apparent that the current Vogue covers are painfully dull compared to their ancestors
For example


 etc etc. The difference between these earlier covers and todays is shear effort, style, individuality and lack of writing all over the image.

Bit more art deco glamour with this new perfume from my favourite company Berkeley Square which have a fantastic 1920s themed range

On Wednesday we went on a 6 mile walk to and from a pub, the weather was spectaular
no filters used, it really looked that apocalyptic!

 Here's a couple of photos for Kezzie who's spent a lot of time in this lovely place

Here's some snowy dogs!

I'm waiting for some more fun stuff to arrive then I'll be back really soon!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

I was extremely inspired by Helga's post and finally got round to buying a book on Frida Kahlo. I've only recently started appreciating her properly. So, inspired by Helga

 I decided to do my own tribute to Frida
or tribute to Helga's tribute to Frida

Headband - Sassy Vamps
Earrings - made by me
Necklaces - charity shop, Curtise and village fete
Peasant top - charity shop

I also bought this Mexican Milagros tin heart
 I really hope it brings some inspiration my way
 I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.

 Who else wants a go at dressing up as Frida or anyone else for that matter?

How about beating the January blues with a little dress up?
Any suggestions for who next?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Oh!! What A Beauty!

This Saturday a mystical and primal Oracle told me my bread will never rise.

Mike and I decided to go to a trip to London. We went along to Tate Britain to see my friend Paul a performance at the Turner Prize Exhibition. 

Paul was performing Spartacus Chetwynd's nominated performance "Odd Man Out". I'm not a huge fan of performance art due to a bad experience of it at a previous art school. (When I say bad experience, I don't mean a terrible Fluxus accident or performance artist abuse, it was just so mind numbingly shit, it drove me mad)
Here's a video of the performance. When I was called up to consult The Oracle (who was in fact my friend Paul) - I was told "my bread will never rise" - Mike was told "monogamy is not for you"
I loved the music, it was really hypnotic! 

We didn't get to look round the permanent collection properly, but we'll go back very soon to have a better look . Paul pointed out this painting which seemed to be a not so subliminal suggestion of huge boobs...
ooh er...check out the size of her pumpkins! get a load of those big juicy melons!

Here's a few new acquisitions to my full to bursting cupboard!
New hair colour and fringe, done by my own fair hand
Emerald dress - Ebay
Boots - Clarks

Tiara - charity shop many years ago
Dress - ebay

I don't normally buy anything more than basics in Primark but I couldn't turn down this Skeleton Ballerina vest which was only £6. The skinny jeans were £11.
Peepshow neon signs seen in Soho and the Saw mask and doll head seen in Wycombe
(my Lou Reed, Transformer look!)

ooh and because I know you want to see it, here's my Christmas onesie!!
That's enough indulgence for one day. And keeping to the theme of vegetable innuendoes (one I do like to return to...)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Detox, Join a gym, De-clutter? No way

note the Olbas Oil and Snowball, our cold and alcohol filled Christmas
Hello, I didn't mean to be away so long but I've had some sort of endless virus since last Friday, so I've either been ill or the weather's been too bad to go outside and take photos!
 The photo above shows how we spent our New Years Eve - at Mike's brother's and girlfriend's flat with Parker the cocker spaniel playing Trivial Pursuit - I won.

I thought I'd give you a quick look at what people have bought me and what I've bought myself since Christmas!
Hello Kitty Cotton Candy from Mike's other Bro and Sister in Law, A Beautiful calendar of Kay Nielsen fairytale illustrations from The Works, Woolly Foxy bag from my Sister, fabulously good quality and cheap boots from Ebay

Laura Ashley Polkadot Hair bow and Lurex Leopard Print Jaeger Top from a Charity shop, Fuzzy deer from Wilko and Wind up clown from Mike, Hello Kitty for Liberty purse from Boots and Bubbly Dazzler bottle of Bucks Fizz with sequin cover from Mike and handbag from my Aunt

painted hankie 25p, box of craft things £1 and fountain pen £3

This Saturday, Mike and I are going to London - woo!! a much needed escape, so hopefully there'll be a few outfit photos at last! 

This year my general aims are:

1. Travel more - I haven't left the country for 10 years so I'm desperate to visit Paris and Rome (and Edie Pop!
ah! Paris!

2. Make exercising less of a chore. I'm going to try 60's go go dancing in the kitchen

3. Learn to drive - seriously have to do this!

4 - Start an interesting job or MA course - I want to work with history, art or conservation, so no more 2012 style procrastination 
All hail Lucy Worsley

5. Take the pressure off making art and just go for it. Who wants to collaborate?
  Must get that art school madness back...

Ok, so that's it. I'll be back soon.