Monday, 24 December 2012

The rising of the sun and the running of the deer

Hurrah, it's nearly Christmas!
Sorry it's taken me so long to post again, I've been running around shopping and it's hardly stopped raining - oh except when I was work. Never mind. Here I am.

I've been really lucky with parcels recently, here's some cards and fantastically real looking meringue mushrooms from the very talented Bella's giveaway
I also took part in the Faith Hope and Charity Shopping Christmas swap, my partner was the lovely Kezzie who sent me the following:
Handmade Hello Kitty earrings, handmade decoration, poppy pottery pot, hilarious fortune telling cards, hello kitty brolly, already used a lot and some marshmallows, which have been already eaten!
Thanks so much Kezzie, they're all fantastic! 

I've picked up some hideously tacky decorations this week:
Glass polar bear, horrible Santas, one antlered deer - Babycham? 70s decorations all 10p-50p, I also picked up a couple of moon, sun and star decorations -remember them?

I also got a package of love from Curitse
The mad batwing 80s dress is really comfortable and I've already worn it, a Madonna and Child to add to my collection and a little dog to join the other two I have

Ivy Wreath - from a garden fence (not mine)
Jacket - Ebay
Dress - seen in a previous post, since been chopped up
Dog - a bit pukey, poor thing

I've been tracing loads of my family recently and I found a great-great-great-great uncle William West who was imprisoned for stealing hay. The local council has a fantastic database which shows photos of some of the Victorian prisoners of Aylesbury jail. I took the unusual step of making brooch of his photo...
Here's the village Christmas tree, it's huge!
this one taken by me
This one for scale

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Here's my warmest fuzziest Christmas tune

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Alternative Christmas Moodboard

Today, I was a Christmas Elf/Reindeer Hybrid at the manor's Father Christmas's grotto. I think I was immersed in enough childlike rampant enthusiasm to last a lifetime and it did actually get me in the spirit, so with a lack of purchases this week I thought I'd share some alternative Christmas imagery, plus a couple of photos of things I've been up to
Visit to Waddesdon Food Fair 
Victorian Decorations at Hughenden
By my blog friend Bella

Sitting under the mistletoe
(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),
One last candle burning low,
All the sleepy dancers gone,
Just one candle burning on,
Shadows lurking everywhere:
Some one came, and kissed me there.

Tired I was; my head would go
Nodding under the mistletoe
(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),
No footsteps came, no voice, but only,
Just as I sat there, sleepy, lonely,
Stooped in the still and shadowy air
Lips unseen - and kissed me there.
Walter De La Mare

 I'll be back soon with an outfit post!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Simmonds Blogiversary

Yes! A year ago today I started inflicting myself upon the world. 

It's been a great year, I've found so many like minded weirdos and met a bunch of them in person - and liked them even more. We've swapped clothes, chatted, gossiped and giggled. It's far more than I hoped for last year.
I've been blonde, pink and red and battled terrible weather, rubbish jobs, fatshion nazis and art angst, but I coming through stronger than before. and with more clothes. 
So, back to business, I've been after a velvet dress for a while, thing is, so has everyone else on ebay, luckily I found this brand new Nomads babydoll dress for £14, which shockingly is how much a lot of the 2nd hand velvet dresses are going for. No particular style, just every velvet dress in my size is being fought for. Madness!

I look a bit angry. The coat was bought in Walsall with Vix in June.

On Saturday, I grabbed a large bunch of 70s or 80s wrapping paper, some regular and some Christmas, the whole lot cost me £2.50

Photo: And Christmas paper too

Photo: Job lot of 70s/80s wrapping paper

Sorry, this is only a quick stop by.

Here's the song I posted on my first post, have a listen, cos I don't think anyone did last year -  it's fantastic

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The long and the short of it

I don't have any maxi dresses but I really loved this 70s green lace one. Now I'm not sure if I should make it shorter. 

What do you think? I might wear it more if it's shorter. I don't my face looks very convinced by it

I also bought this fantastic fake Astrakhan 60's coat.

Another recent purchase is these fantastic earrings

and these nearly new Jones Dalmatian print shoes - my aunt sold them to me for £5, which would go directly to the day centre she works for...

A couple of weeks ago Audrey at Undead Dandy kindly awarded me the Liebster Blog Award, unfortunately I already have it, twice I think and I can't think of any more facts about myself, but I will answer her questions.

1. Do you know any other languages? 

I'm not fluent in anything but I do know various bits of different languages, I can get by in French and Spanish, but I have tried to teach myself Early English/Anglo Saxon. Anglo Saxon for I Love You is: "Ich Luf Eow" and the person who could be pronounce best, it is our Vix, I think the accents would've been similar! 
  2. Tell me a random fact about your maternal grandmother.

How about two? 
1. She took LSD before it was illegal, just as a pick-me-up! She didn't mention tripping, just swearing a lot. She had flashbacks for the rest of her life
2. She was at Glenn Miller's last ever concert before he disappeared, it was held at Wycombe Abbey
    3. Favorite bands/musicians?

So many! The Beatles got me through school, I love Sergio Mendes, Pentangle, Frank Sinatra, Al Bowlly and Jimi Hendrix
  4. Favorite books:

 I love the Mapp and Lucia Books, The Secret History, Picture Of Dorian Grey, Three Men In A Boat, Rebecca
  5. Shower or baths?

Shower in the morning, bath in the evening
  6. Biggest pet peeve?

 Unscrupulous builders who pack loads of houses onto one plot in the countryside.
  7. Favorite quote that reflects your outlook on life.

 "Strange How Potent Cheap Music Is" - Noel Coward
  8. Favorite subject in school:

 Art/Creative Writing
  9. Show me your favorite work of art.

I've got loads of favourites, here's a couple

  10. Show me your favorite article of clothing and tell me why you are so fond of it.

Here's one of the many items I love
 These boots from Clarks have served me well, they're so comfy and look amazing with everything. 
  11.  Anything you'd like to do before the end of the year?

Not spend all my money on myself

The amazing Edie introduced me to a fantastic 60s Czech film called Daisies, I fell in love with it. Here's a clip. For weekly inspiriation visit Edie's other blog Das Schaben

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fire And Ice

All change please! All change!

I wasn't keen on bleaching my hair a third time in less than 6 months, my hair's a bit weak and it's already had to be cut about 4 or 5 inches shorter than it was in the summer.

So I thought I'd try something different

What do you think?

Here's some of my recent acquisitions. I thought I'd take advantage of the smattering of snow we had last night
Jumper - Charity shop
Skirt - Ebay, adjusted by me
Boots - Clarks

I've discovered how cotton nighties are fantastically comfortable and warm when worn in bed. Not too warm, so no waking up in a sweat. I wanted to show off this  beautiful one from expensive American 'intimates' company Eileen West, obviously I picked it up in a charity shop
Belt - Towersey festival
Stole - Masqueryde in Ryde
Boots - Clarks

Turban - ASOS
Jumper (looks like it's made of Mithril - getting excited about The Hobbit now...) - Primark
Skirt - Ebay
Dog- Had fallen down the stairs about an hour before this was taken, but being shaped like a barrel wasn't hurt at all

Jumper - Primark
Skirt - lovely Vix
Shoes - very old friend Lucy


More folk - this is lovely

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I know my love, in his suit of blue

Quote of the Day

 "Wax My Anus"  
 - Courtney Love Q magazine interview 2003

I'm sorry but there is only one outfit photo in this post! You know when you're not quite in the mood  and looking your best? Anyway, I WILL definitely be posting some more in the week.

This dress is from BHS (British department store with frumpy reputation), I was really surprised it was such a gorgeous fit. I picked it up in a charity shop

One of my favourite blog grrrrrlls Lucy Nation also owns this dress
The pink boots were from ebay, I've always wanted a pairof pink (or white) knee high boots, these are a bit cheapy but they do the job.
60s Spanish fan from church bazaar, glass stag from charity shop, plastic deer head from charity shop and fuzzy animals from church bazaar

The classic Audubon's Birds Of America, Norman Messenger's Making Faces, Virgin Mary statue and fake flowers all from the church bazaar and Scottish doll from Oxfam
This terrifying clown was only £1

I picked up loads this weekend and I've got some clothes to show off later in the week, I also got this unopened make up set with tonnes of eye shadows, lipgloss (never wear that though) and fake eyelashes

Sorry this wasn't massively exciting! I've been a naughty girl ebay-wise so I'm waiting for some exciting stuff to arrive. 

I've had this wonderful song stuck in my head all week

Big love!