Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Life's enchanted cup sparkles near the brim.

Byron's portrait at Hughenden Manor

 I've been making things too. Well, making is a bit of an exaggeration. Adjusting is more apt.

Morrissey earrings! bit clumsy but still fun

Brooch made last week and worn to Hyper Japan on Saturday

decorated crucifix

Look away Vix and Helga! I bought this teddy bear at the Salvation Army Christmas bazaar, but as you can see, he didn't have any eyes, those brown bits might be his eyes, but anyway, he looks a lot better with these buttons
Last night after the earrings, crucifix and bear, I couldn't stop and finally adjusted this skirt

probably needs hemming, I may or may not be bothered to do that

Last week I got a parcel of love from Vix
this utterly divine vintage cotton slip has been repaired and adjusted over and over. It's a proper Frankendress (thanks to The Folly Bird for that one) and it's too small. I'm fine with getting Vix to adjust it for me as it's too small on the bust but fits perfectly everywhere else.

She also sent
 Beautiful Hindu card
 Fab polka dot shorts and houndstooth maxi! 

80s slip, worn under my lacey dress on Saturday

Thanks Vix, you're a star!

My friend Lucy dropped round today, she'd text me and asked if I wanted some green mary janes. Obviously I text back instantly saying YESSSS!

She also kindly gave me
 This fantastic vintage neckercheif
Reading and watching material  - I'm a big fan of Daphne DuMaurier

ooh I've been doing some conservation work at Hughenden Manor (only voluntary, sadly)
Here's a statue I cleaned

It's getting very dark and atmospheric in the manor, often it's difficult to see objects very well by 2:30 in the afternoon (we keep lights low for conservation and authenticity purposes).

I'll be back later on this week! Hopefully with some outfit posts!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hyper Hyper Japan!

Thank you to the gorgeous Vix , who passed on her press pass to Hyper Japan to me, despite me having already bought two tickets. I gave my ticket to David of GWH Photography, see his photos here.

The place was packed. I got a PRESS badge and everything. Mike and I were most excited about spotting Richard Osman of "Pointless" fame.

I actually felt a bit underdressed. If I go again, I'll make more of an effort. Loads of cosplay fanatics, gaming fanatics and street fashionistas were thronging round the exhibition centre. I loved it - some people looked great, so less than, but every one expressing themselve or indulging in some uninterrupted geekdom
Being Press meant people were more tolerant to my pestering for photos.
 I loved this girl's dress! There were so many mouthwatering pastels and cute frills, I was really envious

The best thing I did all day was get a haircut from Path, an all Japanese hair salon in east London. They were amazing, their place is Brick Lane looks like an artist's studio. I'm sold. Better than anything horrible Wycombe has to offer!
oooh and I solved the problem of see throughness with the lavender dress by wearing a skirt slip all the way up over my bra. 
Hello Kitty necklace a present from Princess Krista
Ladybird brooch - made it

I need some of those pink shoes, and an Alpaca and a wig

There were a lot of stalls, selling some fantastic stuff . The £5 Japanese and Koren DVDs from Asian film specialists Terracotta were really tempting. 
This Korean film looks amazing - damn it, I should've picked it up! (I think Edie would like this too)
I'm definitely booking tickets to their screening of Jackie Chan's Police Story for Mike's birthday

I WANT rainbow hair. 

I did get that the sweet girl in the blue dress was old Sofi from Howl's Moving castle. 

Now I want lavender hair! There was a large amount of men in cosplay drag, which was cool - David captured the best one on his blog - see above, the one I snapped here didn't seem to think shaving was particularly necessary to his over all look.

I bought a phone sticker thing, now my phone looks disgustingly kawaii and a tad tacky. And this Kyary Pamyu Pamyu style hair bow.

 We were getting tired, the place was rammed, there were even queues to look at some stalls. We did a couple more circuits, ate a chicken teriyaki burger - and some pumpkin korroke  - love that too - then decided to leave.

Here's a few final shots...

I think I'll definitely go again, although maybe on the Friday as it'll hopefully be less packed. 

Now, I'm off to catch up on all your blogs!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Oh dear. What have I started?

I inadvertently said I hoped I didn't look like this in a shorter skirt
 This was because I want to look good. Not because I hate fat people, I am fat. 

And this was picked up on by a bizarre militant pro-fat lady, who I linked to in my previous post. I won't link her here, she's had more attention in the last two days of her blogging career than she has had since she started.
She seemed to think that I was spouting fat hatred.

sigh. Can you argue with these people? No. Their views are so warped and full of hatred they're akin to fascists. Or Fatscists. Snigger. What can you do? 
 She even uses the time of phrases associated with some kind of creepy cult
"I'm going to derail this"
"you have self identified"

Then I had this essay from a outwardly lovely looking lady who seems to equate being fat with being a persecuted Jew or African American in the deep south (please see comments on previous post for her whole comment)

Fat people are relentlessly demonised, vilified, pathologised, ridiculed and hectored on the daily. Fat is conflated with a list of negative stereotypes longer than your arm.

Last time I left the house there was a burning doughnut on the lawn. Seriously, what? I'm not denying there is a prejudice and even a hatred. I've come across it myself, but the whole world isn't against you. Most people don't care.
None of you, my bloggy friends care, I'm me, you like me because I'm me, no matter my size. All that matters is that we like the same things and have a laugh. Same goes from my boyfriend and non bloggy mates

As Clare will know, the bigger you are the less choice you have in terms of clothing, and that goes for vintage clothing - not least since fat women have a tendency to hold onto their clothes for grim death for fear of never finding anything half decent to fit them again.

Should I send her photos of my wardrobe? But which one? I have got way too many clothes. You know what's great about my blog crew is that if something is too big or too small, then we pass it on. Everyone wins.  

Setting aside the fact that thinner people take it as their birthright they can express their personality in myriad ways through their clothing choices

 Hey you, thinnos. Sounds like there's a prejudice against "thin" people. I hope all you thin people out there are expressing yourselves, it is your birthright you know.

The essay continues in the same tone. She's also had enough attention.

Also got this comment from Anon (promptly deleted)
Rhetoric aside, right or wrong, if I had hurt someone's feelings that deeply I think I would have just made a short apology and moved on ...

 An apology for talking about myself? 

 Really it boils down to this:

I can say whatever I want about my own body. It's my own body. And I can say it on my own blog. I can say I don't want to look like a weasel on crack or a rutting elephant seal if I so choose. Because it's my body.

Really, the whole thing has made me laugh. I'm me, I'm a blogger, I go out and get told I look great. I don't read fashion mags because they're nonsense. I hang out with other people who don't care. 

What Would Jo Brand Do?
Tell them all to fuck off

ok, so normal service will be resumed in the next post, which will be all about fabulous me being offered a press pass to Hyper Japan! (with the help of thinno, Vix)

ps. this is all I ever have to say on this subject. It is not open for discussion. I have a wonderful time blogging. My friends don't care about my size. It's only an issue for me. No one else. I am no one else's property.

Any correspondence for anyone with extreme view will be laughed at, possibly shared amongst my friends then deleted 

You girls have changed my life for the better. You're all wonderful you fantastic rainbow coloured, multi size bitches.

 I'm not going to let a bunch of bitter sad people change my blog.
Loves yous!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

I need the soil that bore my race and holds their bones beneath this place.

When I was a skinny teen I wore short skirts all the time but over the last 15 years my hemlines have become a more sensible length as my body mass has increased. Now I'm a UK size 18-20 I'm really cautious about wearing short skirts for fear of looking like, well..... a fat slag
I bought this dress from ebay and dyed it lavender. However the crappy inner slip just looked hideous so I decided to wear a regular petticoat with it.
Necklace - Salvation Army Christmas Bazaar
Belt - Primark
Tights - H&M  - new fave place for tights, great fit, great colours, don't fall down after one wear
Shoes - ebay

Ok girls, so honestly, how do I look? Is it just too short. Is the fit all wrong? Am I too big to get away with that hem length. Do I resemble an orange balanced on matchsticks?
I need your feed back, I know the colours look great. I'm so pleased the dye actually too. I recommend Dylon, just keep stirring it for ages. 
I had an audience for my posing, not sure what they thought of it
Neither the squirrel or the Great Tits seemed to care what I was up to. The birds are so sweet on the feeder, they actually queue up. Very British of them.
The amazing Lucy of Small Talk sent me the matching dress to the 60s/70s waistcoat I got last week. It look rather fabulous

I love it! That dark patch is just water, the material attracts moisture.

She also sent me
Beautiful card made by her fair hands, crucifix icon for decorating ala Sarah Misfit, Miffy phone case, lovely Royal Albert coffee cup and saucer and some depression flashcards!

 Yesterday I went to the Salvation Army Christmas bazaar and also had a wander round town. There was a large selection of handknitted goods at the bazaar
I bought:
Clockwise from top: handknitted mittens and beret £2! Knitted toys £2 each, necklace 50p, hand knitted white bolero cardi which is now lavender too £2.50, 50s LP 99p, Birds nests book £1, Coronation shot glass 50p, Print in painted frame £1 (bit expensive), Lazy Oaf sweatshirt for sale on ebay.
The beret is my favourite purchase of yesterday. I'm trying to emulate Curitse "The Bod" "Vintage Mother Superior" of The Second Hand Years
50s coat - Ebay 99p bargain
This is what I ended up wearing for a lazy Sunday

So let me know what you think about the dress! 
 I'm still tracing my family history and I've managed to get back to 1584 in Buckinghamshire alone. So my "old soul" side likes a bit of folk. It makes me feel attached to the place my genes have been hanging around  for centuries. Like a chav in a vandalised playground

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The good, the bad and the clumsy

So this will be quite short because my head hurts quite a bit, but I really wanted to share some presents from the gorgeous Lucy of Small Talk

On Wednesday I came home to the most ginourmous parcel, inside that were several other parcels...
Please ignore my messy bed - make bed or open parcels, it was a difficult decision

Hello Kitty Milk Jug!!!, lovely tapestry clutch/purse, pencil case that makes my brain happy, now filled with plastic insects etc for art purposes. Hello Kitty pen!
a 60s mazi waistcoat! always wanted one of these and a deliciously smooth silk shirt

She also sent me....

I know, I'm scared too.

Even more wonderfully, she sent me a piece of her own art. A lovingly made shadow box. I adore it. It's by my bed at the moment. I'd like it to go on my wall, but my 50s semi is made of a substance that is pretty much impervious to anything but drilling so putting up pictures can be a tricky business.

Thank you so much Lucy, you wonderful woman!

I forgot to post this, or if I did, please forgive me....
This is was cool but boring toned necklace - gold and bronze flowers, yawn. I decided to get at with my acrylics and hey presto!

Charity pickings were slim last week though I did come back with these lovely book ends for £1.50, they have a handmade 40s look about them.

Don't panic, there's a sexy outfit post coming up....

This two tone 80s wool/poly mix dress was £3.50, bargain. I wore it to an exhibition opening at my friends' studios in Wycombe.
Scarf - charity shop
Jacket  and stole - Masqueryde
Dress - Charity shop
Tights - Primark - they actually stayed on.
Shoe - ebay
bag - charity shop

 Lisa looking lovely with her envy inducing Heidi plaits.
 My friend and one of the judges Paul Kindersley a stunning pink jumpsuit and wool cap, chats to the winner of the Angelika Open competition
 SERIOUS ART TALK. With my ex tutor and judge Danny grinning in the background
 This was a favourite of Lisa and I, some hair on a tapestry cushion!! Yeah it has a proper name but I can't remember.

I tried doing some art of my own this week, but all did not end well. Or did it?
God, I Am Troubled started off with a plain white background, I dislike too much plain white. It says IKEA to me. 
Now, I'm the one that's troubled since not measuring up the writing correctly, the piece is more Roubled than Troubled. ART TANTRUM ALERT.
Yes, I have Diva art tantrums and depressions.
What do you mean, yeah we know?!

Love you! I'm off to read some book on how to over come your art angst, sent to me by the wonderful, Joni James

Lucy also sent me this, hope you enjoy...