Monday, 29 October 2012

Purikura Part Two

On Sunday I went back to the Purikura photobooths in London with David of GWH Photography and Lisa
Firstly we visited the Tate Modern, which was great, apart from the endless screaming children and the children who weren't screaming but watching strange art films with over tones of eroticism and bondage.
Thanks to David for the photos!
I'm a bit squinty. I had to buy those tights because the ones I'd put on in the morning decided to fall down. 
But look at all the attention I'm getting..... from that one bloke. 

Headband - Sassy Vamps! 
Jacket and fur stole (sewn onto it by me) - Maskeryde
Dress (shortened and white detail added by me) - Ebay
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Ebay

 Anyway, enough about me. We had a fantastic lunch in a Korean place and then on to the Purikura

Menage a Trois



Just Me. Me Me Me

Obviously I always come home with some kawaii tat, yesterday was no exception
Hello Kitty in an Aubergine/Egg Plant costume!!

I also saw this postcard and wanted to buy at least 5 copies to send to various bloggy buddies (looking at Desiree, Curtise, Vix and Sarah Misfit in particular)

On Saturday I came home from Mikes to a fantastic parcel from our lovely Lucy Nation
Anyone else noticed how much she looks like the lady on Edie's blog header?
She sent me:
 Best ever apron!! very pretty hairclip/brooch and a W Heath Robinson card
a CD of amazingness
We've got a few songs in common and there's loads I haven't heard before or don't have so I can't wait to get listen. Oh and Lucy... TVOD is the name of an exhibition I was in last year! Weird!

 Ok I'm going to stop hurting your eyes now and leave you with one of my new favourites from my new CD

Thursday, 25 October 2012


So recently I've become rather addicted to instagram. Whilst being stuck on the painting/collage front, I seem to have had no problem in being creative with small square images. 
The manor has been a wonderful source of potential beautiful images. 

Well, I'm quite pleased with them anyway. I do seem to have developed a taste for the gothic, must be the time of year!

How completely crap of me not to have shown you this brooch which I vastly improved (it was a tacky gold scarf clip with the stone missing that Mike had found in the street)

Last week I received a parcel of wonderfulness from Edie Pop, I'd bought one of her prints and I had to wait for some poster clips to arrive before I could put it up. *I'm also on the look out for a frame that'll fit it, it's an irregular size*
Ouija Board:

Being so beautiful and generous she also sent me

 An original of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and some stickers (need a frame for the original ASAP)

You can find her work here

Today was my Mum's birthday and we had a trip to Witney - a place Miss Magpie had visited a couple of months ago. I liked it but wasn't particularly in love with the place - especially as I heard this in Oxfam:
An old woman was complaining that a Paul Smith shirt hadn't sold for £29.99, her reasoning was "people still expect a bargain don't they?" 
Well yes we do actually and we can find them, not in awful places like that though. 

On a whim we popped into a Teddy Bear shop - now - I know at least two of you hate stuffed animals so you can skip ahead, although this wasn't the usual cutesy nightmares you hate, there were some rather strange and adorable creations!
Vix and Helga look away now....

I picked up these bizarro postcards! 

I was attracted to some very strange little bears, when I pointed them out to the shop owner, she said they were Japanese - big surprise that I liked them best. One had wooden blocks for arms - he can be seen in the first photo on the middle shelf of the green cabinet! 

Then we visited Minster Lovell, which is so chocolate boxy you could easily explode with the quaintness.

We wandered round the church and the ruined manor house - the weather was definitely nothing like the above - it was damp cold, foggy, with the leaves on the trees ranging in colour from mottled green to bright red and the grass still green but mixed with dark brown mud, there was hardly any noise apart from the cawing of crows. So all in all very atmospheric!

There seemed to be a bit of a 300 year long graffiti epidemic in area, this is the earliest vandalism I found. I show you some more at the end of the post


So that was my day. I should be asleep but I've had a run in with a delicious Indian meal and can't sleep.
Here's some of the graffiti I found in Witney - it'd been there since the 70s

Do Casuals kill Mods? I doubt they'd want the blood on their sports jackets.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ring Leader, Tom Boy, Chum To The Weak

It's been a slow week in Simmonds land. This is my 100th post, although I haven't got anything special to show you I'm afraid.
I actually did some art this weekend. I've been constantly moaning to people that I can't seem to get started, I've just been collecting loads of material. 
This piece was inspired by Joseph Cornell's shadow boxes and John Betjeman's poem Myfanwy. 
introduced to me by the wonderful Lucy Joy
Hopefully now I've got my art mojo back I can do some more work. 
spotted in the village
I'm terribly sorry but my brain is extremely slow, it's been a real struggle to concentrate on anything!  The above mentioned Lucy, as well as Vix and Sarah have been keeping me entertained in cyberspace with general gossip, encouragement and talk of measuring creme eggs (that one was Lucy).
Here's a video of Ruby eating a prawn cracker, I think mainly for the sound they make.I like how crazy her eyes go when she's eating them

Talking of crazy, I don't think I've ever shown you this video of a dancing gatecrasher at a street music performance in Oxford

I also haven't shown you these photos from The Might Booth at Wilderness

This isn't very inspired, but I will be back with more in the week. If you've got any thoughts on my artwork I need some feedback.