Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dinner, Dancing and More Spending

My mum and Dad bought me two tickets to a Wartime party at the town hall, so I needed to find Mike some clothes for it. I ended up doing much better for him charity shop wise than I did myself. Being such a regular in Oxfam meant I was allowed to ask out the back for any woolly jumpers (I was going to cut the arms off and turn it into a tank top) - but - that went out the window when I spotted the perfect jacket in the back room...
sorry for the photo quality - I forgot to take this phone so had to wait til we got back to Mikes!

Yes it's a Crombie jacket! Made by Alkit, who were based where that Pizza Hut is now in Cambridge Circus in London. They closed down in 1989 and we think this jacket dates from the 60s. Shame it wasn't a Mod night. Very swish. I picked up the pleated trousers with turn ups for £3.99 (Coat was £9.99)

I looked extremely frumpy, though I didn't care too much. At least I wasn't in a stupid pseudo 50s dress like the girls on the next table and looking at my phone every 5 seconds. The food was very nice, the entertainment was an Andrews Sisters style group. Who were good - although in the second half they lapsed into covers of contemporary tracks, which was fun but broke the atmosphere somewhat. Plus the old people hated it. They promised we'll meet again, but due to the lack lustre response at their departure they didn't come back! Lazy bitches. I guess you can't blame them, but hey - we all came for the wartime stuff, not a cover of Creep by Radiohead, although that was highly entertaining.

We did get to have a romantic slow dance to As Time Goes By. 

label porn

On Saturday I met Lisa for brunch and she took me into Five Star Nails which used to be Wycombe's only sex shop

Now it's a bustling nail salon. I got a manicure and Hello Kitty nails!!

wooo! I was so impressed, it only cost £13. I'm terrible with nails, I bite and break them really quickly so I wasn't going to get acrylics or shellac, but I did badly need a good sort out. 

In the afternoon, Mike and I went to the book cottage seen here a veritable Aladdin's cave of second hand books. I came back with 5 thin volumes on art and fashion and a whole bunch of assorted a bizarre emphemera

I can't wait to scan this lot, I'll share it all on My Darling Little Sunbeam - have a look at the rest of my collection.

one for Karen there, Ayds anyone? Strange German Birthday card

terrible 70s gossip mag and a handy guide to types of Jews...

I still haven't done any art!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius*

*Benjamin Disraeli - more on him later...

Here's my new hair all pinked up. I'm not sure, I wish I could be more enthusiastic. I've a suspicion it looks a bit like a wig. What do you think? 

ooh and I finally added this fur collar to my mint green 60s crimpeline Eastex coat. Much better!

Do you think the dark lipstick suits me too?

Oh dear, I'm ok but feeling a little flat, I haven't got any art done, but I have made over the office (ex 50s semi box room) and I did frame this little scrap. Though I accidentally glued the glass on the wrong side of the frame! I couldn't get it off again - here it is - lifesize

I've recently discovered a strange artist called Joseph Cornell, luckily Edie Pop and Ivy Black are both fans too.

Here's me posing me in my new tweed culottes, quite a difficult thing to style but I think I can do it - I love them!

What do you think?
Sorry for the lack of confidence. Not sure where it's come from.

Most recently the thing in my life I've been enjoying the most is my time at Hughenden Manor
It was the home of Victorian Prime Minister and our only PM with a direct Jewish background - Benjamin Disraeli. oh and his enigmatic wife Mary Anne. 
Dizzy wasn't just a normal politician, he was a dandy, an acclaimed novel writer, ladies man, favourite of Queen Victorian and political reformer. 

His wife Mary Anne was 12 years older and a wealthy widow. Disraeli pretty much married her for her money but unlike many Victorian melodramas the two had a very happy and loving marriage.

My 3 hours here a week are the best I spend, if only I got paid. I need to take the advice of the quote and be patient for art inspiration and possible paid work in something I care about. 

Here's what I get to look at when looking after a room
The lovely lady is Countess Blessington - look her up, she had a crazy life

I won't bore you with too much information, I'll introduce more about the house in future posts

Back to clothes etc. I found this lovely boxy 90s M&S handbag for £3.99
I love the design, the fake crocodile material and those little spherical metal feet expensive bags have

mmm, 90s handbag

Though it might be early 00s


Here's something that's definitely 90s
and it's been stuck in my head for ages

I'm going to be back soon with a list of my top 10 celebrity crushes, should prove amusing - and I'm also passing it on to you lot to confess your crushes.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Dark Games Of Monkey Politics

has nothing to do with anything I just heard it on a wildlife program and I didn't want to let it go...

I've had a hair cut - it looks great but seems to have caused chronic bitchface when taking photos!! 
Here's some clothes I bought recently

 Dress: Charity shop - doesn't do up on bust
top: H&M
 Dress and socks: ebay
jumper: charity shop
skirt: ebay
boots with ribbon added by me: ebay
close up of boots, skirt: ebay, girl, interrupted 

Not sure why I've developed this face  - I love all these clothes and the hair cut. Maybe it's because the weather has taken a sudden turn for the worse and I'm stuck inside again.

Ooooh but something arrived to cheer me up....
It's me by Edie Pop! 

Isn't it wonderful?!
She not only sent me this wonderful bag but a beautiful dress and some other goodies
a beautiful pink maxi, some gorgeous jewellery, some postcards to add to my collection and an Edie Pop Christmas card!

Aren't I lucky? I only hope she likes her presents in exchange!

I had a charity shop trawl in a different town on Wednesday and came back with some goodies. I also had a £10 voucher to spend in a Sewing shop. At the same time quite a few of my ebay purchases arrived...

 plasticky Hello Kitty fabric - ebay
stickers - ebay
Lunch bag - Sally's Sewing Box
Buttons/Fat Quaters/Owls - same

 Knitting/Clothes patterns - various charity shops
Very old star brooch (any ideas on age?)
Jewellery  - 50p each
Bell - £1
Cat mask  - 50p
Gothic and Lolita fashion book  - Amazon

I'm off to bleach and dye my hair and then I promise to be back asap with the results! 

Here's one of my ultimate style icons - Dawn French as the pretentious, weird, pervy and gorgeous Beatnik chick Eleanor  in The Comic Strip Presents: The Beat Generation

Watch it! Rik Mayall looks hot too!

Speak soon! xxxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Under Dreaming Spires

I just couldn't decide which famous Oxford related quote to pick, I wanted the one below from Withnail and I but it was too long, there were so many from Alice and Brideshead, but in the end I went with Itchycoo Park!

Monty: Laissez-moi respirer longtemps, longtemps, l'odeur de tes cheveux! Ah, Baudelaire. Brings back such memories of Oxford.Oh, Oxford.
Marwood: [Voice-over] Followed by yet another anecdote about his sensitive crimes in a punt with a chap called Norman, who had red hair and a book of poetry stained with the butter drips from crumpets.

 So we went to Oxford today to make use of the Tea for Two voucher my sister had given me for my birthday

I would go to Oxford more, it's only 25ish miles from home, but there's no train link (due to the rolling countryside) and very few buses (for no good reason). So it's another reason to drive!

I love Oxford, I mean really love it, you can still walk down a sunny lane on a busy Saturday afternoon and only be passed by a student on a bike. But it makes me feel rather sad I was never academic or motivated enough to get to study there. The joys of Oxford always seem a little beyond my grasp. 
 cardi - Primark
dress - Second to None in Walsall
bag - M&S
shoes - Clarks with bows added by me

Jacket - Daks/Simpsons of Piccadilly via a charity shop 
shirt and jeans - Primark.
No posing  - consciously at least, he was just standing like this.

We had a look round the Pitt Rivers Museum - have you ever been there? It's amazing. A cornucopia of strange and bizarre objects from around the world all clustered together in a dimly lit cathedral of dark wood and glass cases. They've got so much stuff they keep it in drawers through the museum, on the ceiling and on top of the cabinets - I even saw a cardboard box labelled "blow darts and quivers". 
 it's a lamp!

 Native American girl's toys!

You need to go there! An old couple were rather distressed by me spontaneously grabbing Mike's arm and uttering "honnk! honnk!"

We wandered around before we went for the Afternoon Tea, I bought a lovely Victorian style shawl and these two Alice In Wonderland Badges from the Alice In Wonderland shop  - yes!! they have one!!

£2 each!

We had a wander by the river before we went to the cafe. Magical.

The cafe itself was wonderful
We sat by the river and drank our free prosecco, acutally it was all free...

wearing my new shawl.

We had a wonderful time, we wandered back to the bus station via the Christchurch garden and Blackwells Bookshop (the art one)

 Earlier this week I visited Osterley Park in Middlesex with the National Trust Volunteers. Loads of TV shows and Films have used Osterley as a location  - including the most recent Batman! 

 The entrance to the bat cave! Plus the entrance to Wayne Manor, although other places were used as the exterior. 

My first week as a free and motivated artist went really badly, I felt really ill and did very little. I feel terrible and doing less made me feel even worse. Oh and I didn't get in the the final of the Japan Blog competition so thank you for all your support. I feel very disappointed but suspected I would lose out to some arrogant hipster, which is what happened. Not that I'm bitter!

oh bit this did arrive it the post - 
what do you mean what is it? It's a Rilakkuma cord holder for the label of my Hello Kitty headphones!

Also any misery I've been feeling this week has been counteracted by the highly addictive Community.
have you seen it?

Time to go through the Looking Glass

Monday, 10 September 2012

Please remain in your seats...

This is the 1970s Eastex skirtsuit eagled eyed Vix found for me! I promised an air hostess photo shoot, this is all I could come up with with failing technology and failing light!
Hat and gloves - charity shop
Scarf - present from Vix
Shoes - Sainsburys

Just before I went on holiday, I got this lovely birthday package from Melanie

Not sure how my dogs will fare with the IQ test! Bag dedicated to our favourite depiction of my favourite monarch (sexy), a lovely teddy card from Melanie next to my leaving card from the only person I'm sad about leaving at my second job and finally Simon Le Bon looking like he's making the following noise (see 2:50 of this clip)

I love it all, thank you!!

Here's some things I bought recently that I've not fit into my blog
 Indian Buddha head £2.99, worried dog to match other worried doh 59p, Dior tights 49p, all from Oxfam. Naughty Tomato flavour Kurkure snacks from Walsall.

In Walsall I bought

School boater £3.50 charity shop
Badges - made by me!
Stratton Compact and No.7 powder -  £5 from Second to None
Peachy Pink net gloves - Second to None

I also picked up this paisley Liberty print dress from Second To None, I managed to take it in and add some embellishments. Without through the sewing machine down the garden, though I was tempted....

Here's a close up

I also bought these boots on ebay and added the lace

Last week I finished one of my two jobs. It was too far with too much office bullshit for me to bother with any more. I have at least 20 projects, plus learning to drive and ebay selling to keep me going. I really can't wait. I need to do more art and I've been very inspired by our very own Edie Pop

as well as our very own RRRIOT GRRRRL Melanie
Put your video on youtube Melanie!

I can't wait to get on with the following

Badge making,
soup making

and more

and you know I will do it all. I really will. I can't wait to get going.

gratuitous photo of Gary Oldman