Saturday, 25 August 2012


I've fried my brain the last couple of days writing a blog about my favourite things to do with Japan. I love so much about the country and I hope it comes across in the blog. The prize is a trip to Japan. You know I would be so over the moon if I won but the likelihood is I won't. But still it was fun anyway! Maybe I'll go one day when I'm old and rich, pehaps, sigh.
Here it is

Anyway part of the rush to get it finished was because I'm off to Devon off tomorrow for a week and the deadline is the 31st!

So I'll be trying to read your posts whilst sitting in front of the open fire!

Here's a couple of photos of me in a leather jacket

 I won a competition with Citizen Rosebud and The Sunglasses Shop UK and got these wonderful Polaroid sunnies! I got the jacket and vest from ebay. Not particularly cheap - oops. but yeah both under £20

I also got this fishtail skirt with little comedy Mexican skulls on it!

bit lumpy. 

I also found this crinoline lady mirror for £2.99!
it's a difficult thing to photograph! Also you can see my new kawaii phone cover!

I also picked up this for 79p

it's true

And... I saw these - should've bought them

Have a lovely week - I'm hoping for decent weather!!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Wish Me Luck!

I'm taking part in a competition to win a trip to Japan. I have to write a blog detailing 12 things that draw me to that country. You might've guessed from other posts that I do love all things Japanese, apart from the whole Whale business, but I shan't be mentioning that!

Here's said blog, please follow and comment if you feel like it!

It's named after my favourite Japanese song by Kyu Sakamoto. Here he is, what a fantastic grin

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Two Weddings, Two Birthdays and A Baby

I'm not sure about your part of the world but in Naphill yesterday it was sweltering. But that made it great party weather. Not a day to sit in a traffic jam and due to this I sadly missed out on a friend's wedding. Obviously yesterday was a very special day - two friends got married and one gave birth!

Firstly I'll just show you what darling Tam from A Treasured Past sent me
it's a beautiful necklace - one of her amazing stamp jewellery collection - this is one of her many Japanese stamps! Go look at her other work! 

Then I got a wonderful parcel of joy of Circus Ringmistress Desiree
Number one was this amazing Sassy Vamps headband (I added a couple of butterflies, hope you don't mind Des!)

She also sent this gorgeous crisp cool orange dress - with a great dagger collar
I'm still knackered from yesterday...

and this sexy blue gyspy dress
ooh and this gorgeous ring

On my birthday morning I also got a parcel of love from the Queen of The Jumble
plus a hilarious card which I forgot to photograph!

My birthday went thusly
having got changed out of my wedding outfit, I was just so hot that I put my hair up and my coolest clothes on. We played a bit of boule, ate some food, drank some iced tea made from posh tea bought with Lakota and some punch
playing boules, amazing flump marshamallow ring from my sister, grumpy hot dog, my sister and another grump hot dog

I was sharing the day with my dad as it's his 60th next week and he'll be away, so most of the guests where his, though I knew them all. I had a couple of my own friend's round

fur baby, lovely Steph stealing my headband, Lisa and her boyfriend, my 3rd cousin Angie, sporting a gypsy dress with blonde hair, we're so alike!
playing giant connect four, dad opening the electric guitar I bought him, me lounging

mucking about with Mike's bubble maker bought at Wilderness (see this post for more fabulousness)

Aunt's amazing legs (she's over 60) with fantastic 80s shoes, me pinning up my skirt using a brooch given by other aunt, sister's amazing Pheasant print dress, Monty getting more attention
So later I tried the shisha pipe brought along by my cousin (the one in the gypsy dress)


I also took a photo of a recent ebay purchase - a silk bolero

The evening ended in a drunken impromtu photo shoot

Just a quick note on my presents - I was thoroughly spoilt! But I do have to show you a video of these hilarious wind up toys Mike's bro and sister in law gave me!

Mike bought me amongst other things  - the Bandai Badge Maker - which I've just used and it's amazing!!

my first badge!
ps - in case you were wondering - I'm 31 - arghhhh
Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes! It means a lot, especially those of you who made me feel so special!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Early Prezzies!!

When I got back from the festival there were some parcels waiting for me on the bed - one was an ebay dress that doesn't fit (argh!!) one was a green turban from ASOS (pics to follow) and TWO were presents from supersexy blog buddies! namely  - Lucy Nation and Princess Lou Prudence
Then today I came home to a parcel of birthday loveliness from Curtise  - and when I returned from an evening stroll I discovered yet another parcel from delicious Desiree!
OH and before I forget - last but by no means least a wonder handmade stamp necklace that I got just before I left for the festival, from Tam of A Treasured Past - check out her stamp jewellery.
I will follow with another post including Tam and Desiree as I am too knackered to pose and I left the necklace at Mike's!
Right enough wittering - photos!
Here's the dress that Curtise sent me - I love it with this hat sent by Louise

Presents from Louise - the top is absolutely gorgeous! The skirt is from a charity shop on Thursday. Lovely gold bracelet, blue necklace and mmmm Givenchy. I knew this amazing postcard was from Pride and Prejudice and Zombie - Louise has the neatest handwriting EVER

Lucy sent me an adult party bag (for those who were never invited to the party - I was invited to the party but didn't want to go - true story)
There were also sweets  - but I ate them. Look it's the limited edition Jewel Britannia from Barry M! mmm so much lovely kawaii stuff -and my fave Disney film - Alice In Wonderland is included

Gorgeous Curtise also sent me
 So very true!
I love these Kitties!
Thank you all! You've been so generous!

I recently bought
 Kawaii pill earrings!
 baby doll nightie £5 and GIANT knickers £2 from Wilderness!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I'll be back very soon boasting about my presents and showing of my other gifts!

Love you all my gorgeous lot!

Here's my current favourite song - you know you love it

Monday, 13 August 2012

Vintage In The Wilderness

Now I'm back at home with the mud scrubbed from underneath my toenails and paint and glitter removed from everywhere else, I can tell you about my weekend!

Here's some photos of my weekend at Wilderness which was held in the beautiful ancient parkland of Cornbury, Oxfordshire, I went along as part of Vintage to help with the Bad Art Salon and painting Poortraits (bad portraits)

We arrived on Friday evening....
 The whole place was swarming with people in animal masks, antlers, tails, tutus, flower garlands and wedding dresses. It was great fun - if somewhat pretentious.
We were so lucky - the weather was amazing all weekend - Lisa and I went for a swim in the lake on Saturday morning!
It was freezing and green. we got in my sliding down the bank - hence my toes being covered in mud for the next two days. We absolutely loved it, I 'd love to go again!

Then the Poortrait painting commenced and proved really popular!

We met some lovely people including these two gorgeous ladies - the one on the left is Jessica of Velvet Daisy who seemed pleased with their poortraits!

Apart from working hard(ish) at the Poortrait stand I did get a chance to explore the rest of the festival

We got to hang out with David of GWH Photography - you can find some of his Wilderness portraits here

We ate watermelon and hotdogs whilst watching a cricket match, where one of the guys fielding was just wearing a tutu. I even met up with a friend I hadn't seen for 20 years and I recognised her instantly! And above that Paul adjusting an artwork...

 We had a go at making masks for the evening's masked ball

We explored during the evening  - first watching Rodrigo Y Gabriela
buying candy floss, exploring the deliciously bizarre Insect Circus Museum!

We then headed to the Torch Club and I was in raptures when Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers came onstage - here's a quick video of them, they're absolutely amazing - wait for Ondrej to do his stuff!

 The MC...
 Ondrej - what a snappy dresser

We had a great night mucking about with bubbles, drinking warm cider and watching bits of whatever musical acts were on

Here's us mucking around with bubbles

On Sunday Mike had to go home early as he was working the next day - boo! We had a lovely afternoon and evening, but Lisa and I came to the unanimous decision that we were knackered and so we decided to avoid the rush and leave early. ROCK N ROLL!!!
However, we had an amazing time, the place was beautiful, though not being interesting in any of the acts (apart from Ondrej) I'm glad I didn't pay! We met some lovely people, there were some bizarre, idiotic and pretentious conversations overheard - my favourite being "are you starting to regretamine the ketamine?"

I also noticed a plethora of Sassy Vamps style hair garlands - some made of real flowers which were really beautiful, some hideously overpriced, others rubbish and others strickingly similar!
I even got to make things... I NEED a badge maker now

Mexican Wrestler tote bag and badges made from 1950s-1980s magazine cut outs

oooh and one for Sarah  - who wanted to know how big her painting was...