Sunday, 29 July 2012

Beauty School Dropout

I'm pink!!
I've wanted to do this for ages! Pale pink - I adore Krista Pink 
but that's Krista's colour, I wanted a soft light pink although when I looked online there were a lot of photos like this:
No thanks

I mixed La Riche Directions' Carnation Pink with conditioner to get a lighter colour.

Ta Da!
 Ok, quite frizzy today but so much potential and I can just keep topping it up!
And just WHAT am I wearing?

Well........... I got a parcel of love from Vix
which included this 1970s/80s swimming costume

Am I turning into delicious Desiree?
Well no, not quite, there's no leggings or tutu!

The sunglasses were also a present from Vix as were these amazing shirts...

 70s floral shirt with dagger collar and 80s polyester shirt with built in necklace worn with brand new stone wash ankle grazers (£15 New Look sale - I rarely find jeans I love)

She also sent me:

Mad braces and a gorgeous Indian patchwork skirt, which was alas too small! Boo!

I also won this fantastic dress on ebay - I was even dreaming about winning so I knew I HAD to have it, though unfortunately I look awful in all these photos of me in it so far...
concentration face - it doesn't matter too much, I will be wearing this dress a lot this summer

I also bought two pairs of these skull earrings for £1.80 (have a 20% NHS discount at Dorothy Perkins)

and this skull necklace was from ebay

I also ordered a box of sweeties from Sugar & Twine
I got elderflower and vanilla marshmallows, lemonade marshmallows and sea salt caramels.
 mmmmm these look amazing....

also - please can you tell me what to do when my picasa storage is nearly full?!

Can't stop listening to this!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Don't fence me in

Please don't send me to work tomorrow, I have to travel for an hour on sweaty buses with people who are unfamiliar with oral hygiene and have the IQ of a teaspoon to go and sit in a stuffy office (with nice people mostly) where I will start falling asleep by about 12 and go out of my mind having to type in "hallux vulgaris" for the 1000000th time, under threat of some petty office politics or other. 

Here's what I've been wearing to work - I tend to forget to take photos of my outfits...
Haori Jacket - £8ish Ebay
White smock shirt - £4ish Ebay
Trousers - £13 ebay (expensive!)
Shoes - £6.99 charity shop (with Lakota!)

I've been pinning my hair really high on my head which gives a nice bouffant effect
All as before but with charity shopped gypsy top (you can barely see it!)

Cotton shirt - Ebay £5ish
Skirt - Alexon Sale Shop  - £3
Shoes as before.
I think this makes me look wide, though it was pretty airy

Hurrah it's hot weather and I can finally soak up some sun in the back garden! 
I also got my second Haori jacket in the post yesterday, it's really gorgeous, quite different from the first one...

I also got this gypsy top from ebay...

I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek inside Hughenden Manor where I've been volunteering.

This is the drawing room where I was stationed today! I love it, I really do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow! 

I walk to the manor to get some much need exercise and this is part of the utterly beautiful path and fields that I walk though

I just want to run away down the path and find some adventures. I can imagine finding The Faraway Tree at the other end

Sigh, yeah I REALLY don't want to go back to work tomorrow!

Here's some gratuitous photos of my weird little dogs


Saturday, 21 July 2012

In which you hear me speak - Winners Annouced

Yes, so you can all laugh at my voice whilst I announce the winners of my giveaway! 

I chose three hats - the fez for the black dress, the cloche for the inbetween dress and the top hat for the ditsy dress!

I wrapped up each name and popped them into the appropriate hat...

 The Mutilated Dress

The inbetweeny dress

The ditsy dress

I was really shocked that three English ladies won, particularly as 2/3 of the people in the top hat were Antipodean! Sorry to everyone else, as you can see Mike's method of selecting a winner was about as random as you can get!

So Lakota, Wendy and Lucy, please email me asap! 

Should I do another draw? Do I sound about 12? What do you think? 

classy photo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ring ring ring ring

Well who's this captured during a busy day in the office?

mushi mushi! It's Sarah here, too busy to talk I'm afraid. Sayonara!

The whole time I painted this, this song was in my head

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Inaugural Miss Simmonds Giveaway

This isn't a normal giveaway. 
Neither is it particularly exciting....

Firstly I bought an amazing dress from ebay, black, 20s style with lace and silk. According to the measurements on the listing, it should've fit. But alas no. I cut out the nylon lining (which included the designer label) and it still didn't fit. So I was left with a mutilated dress which was too small. I didn't want to re-sell on ebay and didn't want to give it to a charity shop




I didn't think it was fair to giveaway one 8-12UK sized dress - what about the bigger girls?! 

Well I've got something for you too!

There will be THREE winners
One for each dress

 Dress 1 (the mutilated one)

   isn't it gorgeous?! There's a cut next to the neck where I went a bit awry with the cutting

Dress 2

It's a very pretty 40s-ish style ditsy summer dress. 

Dress 3

For the inbetweenies!!



Black dress - Size UK up to a 12
Chest 42"
Hips 38"

Ditsy dress - UK size 18
Chest 42"
Waist 38"
Hips 44"

Inbetweenies - Uk 14/16
Chest 42" 
Waist 36"
Hips 40"ish

This is an international competition

The rules are

You HAVE to be following this blog
Leave a comment stating which dress you'd like - if you don't say you don't get an entry 
(ehehe entry - I am childish)

Winners will be chosen at random on

Friday 20th JULY

Hopefully one of these dresses will fit you! 

(there will a couple of extra gifts thrown in)

WOOO! Good Luck everyone!!!

I'm a bit obsessed with the film Topsy Turvy at the moment 

 Yes, I am indeed beautiful...


Monday, 9 July 2012

Bucolic Tendencies and Bubonic Plague

Last week this very loud and horny Muntjac deer kept me by shouting in the woods behind my house, he was even louder than in this video

Oh I've been so bad, just buying and buying on ebay. I've really gone over the top, but I shall stop now. Probably. I've had a rubbish week due to feeling ill. I had a growth in my axilla (side bit) which is apparently a cyst, so nothing dangerous, but I do feel rather ill with it and antibiotics have been given. Illness and hideous lumps make me think of THE BLACK DEATH
Mike and I on the sofa.

Here's what I bought

MORE brown boots, these fit perfectly and are extremely well made in an old fashioned style. Melanie Bird will be very pleased as they're proper all lace up ones. Talking of laces, should I change them? Lace perhaps?

I was rather disappointed in this lace shirt, it was gold not white as it looked online, how can I de-frump it?

 I've discovered an amazing Japanese ebay seller who sells cheap kimonos and (like mine) Haori jackets - this was £2.70 and the p&p was £5ish!

sleeveless 90s gingham shirt, I also got a sexy white linen skirt to go with it, no photo as it's creased like a bitch

I also got some green clothes dye and a Beatrix Potter biography. I've still got more stuff coming too!

I was lucky enough to win two tickets to The Vintage Fashion Fair London from Lakota. We were both dateless for the fair so met up for the first time, which was very exciting and did a little shopping. Lakota didn't pick up anything at the fair (which was quite small, with tiny beautiful expensive clothes) 

I picked up

 Lakota pointed out my pastoral tendencies, which was very accurate of her - in her latest post she mentioned me skipping through fields...

This is me doing just that last weekend
Curtise also picked up on my love of the country in this picture - saying this was my boyfriend and me - very accurate

Funnily enough I am a country bumpkin, well at least half. My mum's parents were both old families from the local area with my Grandad's traced back to 1521! No wonder I have ruddy hair and cheeks, not to mention the large bosom!

 Back to Lakota and Camden, she's a gorgeous lady by the way who's just as witty in real life and should be in more photos.

 This 50s coolie hat was £10, I'd always wanted one, but needed to scab money off Lakota as I'd neglected to get any cash out!
60s daisy clip ons... need to make these less painful

We got out of the fair, it was great but we were both having tropical moments. It was intensely humid and we were a little clammy. We headed to a near by charity shop

 Gold clarks shoes
 It's a trashy fimo tiger necklace!! I love it!
Diamante eyes!

Lakota bought some extremely sexy designer jeans, which she thought was a vintage fashion fail but a great bargain  - but I say finding great jeans is never bad, they're so hard to get hold of in the first place!

We commenced to an eccentric cafe, where we had a long chat about such weighty topics as education, religion and nail varnish.
I also picked up Epsom salts and gourmet herbal tea

Here's me modeling my kimono top from Miss Magpie sorry about the lack of make up
Here's my only charity shop purchase this week, a gingham smock top. 

I'll be back with some outfit posts, I've been ill all weekend and the weather's been awful