Thursday, 28 June 2012

inertia creeps

I'm utterly  useless, I've been filled with inertia and fatigue. For the past week I've been falling asleep at my desk, before lunch! That's bad even for me. 
Anyway, it's not had too much of an effect, apart from me completely failing to post out my Jubilee Swap parcel, despite receiving one from the delightful Miss Magpie :
She sent me
 She made the little dog brooch! Clever thing! I love the postcards too!

very pretty headscarf and alice band! 

 Silver Jubilee ash tray/dish thingy!
 Lovely handmade bag - with great viking boat brooch, which I forgot to take a photo of.
Kimono style top, I love this, especially as I love the kimono shape at the moment

All in all a wonderful package of Jubilee greatness, I promise yours is in the post Gisella!!

I visited my village fete, it always turns up something great, though this year they seemed rather greedy and expensive...

 loads and loads of books!
Toni Raymond celery jar 50p
bunch of necklaces £1
 Portuguese cat mug face thing 50p
Vernon Ward "Enchanted Glade" £1 - I think Vix has this...
 This pretty little pot was 50p I think, it's perfect for a posy of Honeysuckle!
 I went along with Lisa - who does have a blogger but I'll be buggered if I can find it! We got cake and nipped over to the neighbouring village's fete (bit of inter village competition!)

There all I bought was this cute but creepy dolly, brand new for £3.99

 That's all for now, I'll be back with some art news, flowery photos and news of how I will be spending my Tuesdays for the foreseeable future!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Week of Wonders

Before you start reading this, have you read part two of my holiday adventures yet? There's some rather nice vintage finds amongst the holiday snaps...

And I also expect you now know who I had the pleasure of meeting on Saturday...

It's only the gorgeous Vix
More on her later.

When I arrived home from my holiday I had a parcel of wonder awaiting me from Vix!
In it was...

 This wonderful 1960s straw hat

 Some of Vix's Mum's postcard collection in this wonderful album (seriously I could explode with delight at that fabric)

 It's full of fantastically cute postcards, my favourite sort

 Lovely book on art, which had several works I hadn't seen before and really liked

a scarf that reminds me of honey bees, a chinese fan and three 80s shell necklaces

aren't I lucky?

I didn't do a lot of shopping this week but I did come back with

oh yes. It's an 80s jumper complete with fake gems which remind me various 80s toys and a particular board game called Ask Zandar. £3.99

Another 1960s straw hat 50p!

1950s?! Jigsaw £3.99

So, back to Saturday. I got up pretty early to go and visit the amazing Vix in Walsall. We got on like a whole block of flats on fire! There's only the one photo, because the entire day was taken up with shopping and chatting, mostly at the same time!

I bought a lot, this is partly due to the town being full of fat people chucking out their old clothes - everything fit! 
The first stop was a mad little vintage shop, full of brilliant clothes at great prices
I bought....

Very old crepe nightie, not sure of the age, can anyone shed any light on this? I was thinking early 50s at the latest. £9.50

 1980s does 30s/40s cardigan, had some holes in it so it was only £2.50
Tank top £4.50

1940s? hair clip £1.50

Next it was on to the charity shop and one of them was selling discounted vintage clothes!

 Fake fur jacket £8

Ripped 1950s/60s dress only 50p! Got plans for this so watch this space

 1960s top I cut the extremely restrictive neck off only £2.50

another homemade 1960s dress, £5, not Carnegie as Vix and I first thought

In a regular charity shop I found this monstrosity
utter filth! 

I also bought the 80s plaid dress you can see in the hat photos!
I also came back with a bunch of videos for my dad who has a VCR in his man shed

We lunched and had tea, giggled and compared horrible home towns. Walsall is hilarious, we met some interesting characters, a glass collector with a cold, a charity shop assistant with insight into Wallace Simpson's personal areas, a drunk teddy boy, a camp shop assistant  who thought all the clothes looked good on him, skinheads shopping for ornaments and a Lion who turned into a stalker.

I really hope we get to meet up again soon!

Just to finish.. a photo my boyfriend took of me when I was asleep in the tent, I must've been cold. Though it also looks like a severed head!


Friday, 15 June 2012

The Rain It Raineth Every Day

It's part two of my holiday!

This kept us amused all week - along with the boy who shouted "DON'T SEE MY PENIS!!"

Tuesday was the proper start of the dreadful weather. It was pissing it down, raining cats and dogs, you name it, the weather was doing it. We had a trip to Osborne House, home of Queen Victoria. You may have noticed in previous posts what a big fan I am of snooping round manor houses.

But not, however, trudging slowly round a dark and gloomy interior in a queue, such was the amount of people in the house. It was all pretty boring really until we got to some later rooms and particular the amazing corridor of Indian and some African portraits
I can't find any good enough photos of them. They led the way to the Durbar Room a masterpiece in plaster (I think, certainly not ivory as some twat said as he let his grubby offspring rub it's sticky fingers on the priceless walls)

To be honest, it was so wet outside and packed inside that after a visit to the royal children's playhouse (a life size Swiss cottage) we ran off into Newport for food. And for me to buy some waterproof shoes and clothes! I was thoroughly soaked and utterly miserable. I just wanted to go home at that point.
I did just find out that the lovely Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony was also there at the same time... as well as being at the village fete the day before!

I grabbed some wellies from a cheapy shop, a leopard print sweatshirt and this patriotic ring from Next of all places
We were later rescued and taken to the yacht club for dinner!

The next day Mike and I went to "Butterfly and Fountain World" which we enjoyed very much...

I saw this on the way there.... very very odd

This is the dress I mentioned in the previous post. Only £4.50 from a charity shop. The place was fantastic, we explored the Italian room, the Japanese Garden and the Mini World...

The jumping jets

We had a meal at the yacht club again then did some dancing to a local rock'n'roll covers band. Then it was back to the wet a windy tent
Thursday was awful, the rain kept waking me up throughout the night and when we did surface at midday it was sideways again. Sadly Thursday was mainly a write off until about 5pm when the sun appeared. We frollicked on the beach  - although no swimming as it was still freezing, then ordered a chinese takeaway to the boat.
We found this little guy which made me think of the lovely Coco Loco
apparently crabs can look worried
 The wind was apparently blowing up to 90mph round the corner from us and the noise in the tent kept waking us up all night - it sounded like someone crashing into the tent every hour during the night.

Friday was glorious again, well it was in the afternoon. In the morning Mike and I headed to a nearby farm for a fry up and a nose at the animals (we love any trips where we can coo at animals)

 Later on we went back to Ryde to do some more shopping. We all loved the huge 3 storey secondhand bookshop
I picked up these postcards and photos there

I finally got to go to the vintage clothes shop "Masqueryde" - I spent quite a bit there..
Vintage mint and gold Eastex coat with leopard print stole £15 and £6
1950s petticoat  £8
 Fake fur stole £15
1950s teenage girls hat £20. I looked up this label and found this great video showing the moustachioed milliner and his range of hats for young ladies.

It may've been small but it was certainly satisfactory - the Donald McGill museum was tiny but packed to the rafters with saucy postcards, information and fun bits and bobs. We got to learn all about that Great British institution - the naughty postcard!

I was pleased to have only made it to the policeman!

We had the Yacht club dinner and dance which we had to dress up for

Chronic Bitchface Alert!
We were having fun promise..

There was lovely food and speeches... some went on too long...

The next day we packed up and loaded up the boat. However the wind was still very strong and Mike, Rob, Caroline and I decided to get the ferry back over... a 1960s tube train took us to the end of the pier to catch it

The ferry was very breezy but also very quick...

 We passed under the Spinnaker town and landed back in Portsmouth (which is a shit-hole - Melanie will confirm)
 Although Portsmouth did send me a message...

Sorry for such a long post!! We packed so much in, despite the odd tension regarding my desire to go home on a couple of occasions. I'm now a big fan of the Isle of Wight!

Must go to bed now as tomorrow I have to get up early to catch a train to meet someone....