Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh Dear

Well I'm off camping on the Isle Of Wight tomorrow for a week. The weather looks terrible and I'm actually not really looking forward to it now. How awful, this is my holiday too. I very much dislike getting cold as it makes me feel very low and ill quite quickly. Plus I must admit I don't like camping that much. But it wasn't me who paid for the holiday so I mustn't be ungrateful!!

Luckily I have money to book into a hotel or chalet thing if I need to.

And I'm very disillusioned with the whole art thing which I'm thinking of giving up.

Sorry for a depressing post. Hopefully I'll have some nice photos to show off when I get back. Plus I heard there's some great charity and vintage shopping on the island!!

Clare xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

It was a blonde.

It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.
Raymond Chandler

Ok, so I didn't turn out as blonde as I wanted and had promised you

I arrived home on Friday to find a parcel of joy from the gorgeous Curtise 
It contained 3 dresses and two of which even fit me and a piece of Midwinter Lorna Doone!

Dress No.1

Well, I'm a bit blonder aren't I?!

 Dress No.2

 Here's the gorgeous little bowl she sent me

and a postcard, I'll be using Arsetral cream for my chapped bits

 On Saturday I got two more parcels, one from ebay....

 I mentioned that I'd won this dress weeks ago and had been waiting for it to arrive from France for ages! 

Also lovely Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony 
sent me the same material from a beautiful dirndl skirt she'd made so I could have a go at making my own!

 Such amazing material!

On Saturday afternoon Lisa  (see her version on her blog) invited me to a "fashion exclusive" held by the local shopping centre, we were given goodie bags and bubbly, then given ring side seats to a fashion show. We were given style advice by the lady wot tells you what to wear on "This Morning"

 It wasn't bad stuff, even though I was told I could find "something for all sizes and budgets" in House Of Fraser - I've only bought one pair of jeans there in 4 years of it opening due to everything being to small or expensive.

 And also being shown a handbag and told it was a bargain (it was £16, I could hear Vix and Curtise laughing)

I was also surprised and a little embarrassed to discover that models now dance on the catwalk

"yah instead of going in to PR  I went travelling to Bali and I was like oh my god I want to make jewellery just like they do but for 10 times the price" - said Chloe from Chlobo  (2nd from right)

I like the presenter's hair and her bored expressions

 It was quite a busy day, the dogs had a hair cut...

He's much smarter and cooler now!

 Hanging out the washing.
I went for a walked dress like this

I'm going camping on Friday for a week so I'll have to carefully plan what to pack and following 

Finger's crossed the weather will be just a little bit nice like it has been all this week

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Showing my unmentionables in public

I may have mentioned in this post that I had a long held but secret desire for bloomers... I'd been reading about and looking at other bloggers showing their knickers...

 This delight belongs to Melanie

and these frilly wonders belong to the ultra limber Desiree

I recieved these beauties in the post from ebay


These are perfect for stopping the terrible thigh rub I'm cursed with

I bought two pairs of bloomers, the second pair are white, crisp, huge and very Victorian, but sadly two long for the thigh protecting job

They were perfecto for keeping cool yesterday afternoon after a long overdue hot spell.

 Sausages cooking in the afternoon sun

Chasing squirrels  - sorry Vanessa!!

So I am now a big fan of bloomers, perfect for a hot sweaty afternoon!

I'm going to go extra blonde soon so I'll be back with photos!!

oooh and on the same day I recieved the bloomers I found this photo of me in a sort of clown suit thing on my 6th birthday - I need this now!

Monday, 21 May 2012

If I can just stop sneezing and scratching for a moment...

so I can start writing  a post

oh hideous hayfever has sprung up as soon as the weather looks like it's improving.

Oh I've done so badly and not really bought anything of note and things I have bought haven't fitted properly

Bought a longline granny bra from ebay
  Didn't fit (boobs too small, never happens)
Bought a strawberry print dress from ASDA 
G21 Strawberry Dress

Looked bad.
 Now I have to pay to send it back

The only charity shop items I picked up this week were

 largish cantilever sewing box
in which someone had left a box of bits...
always handy!

I also picked up this pretty cardigan for only £2

but... sigh I feel like I've been so greedy and useless, buying things and then not fitting (I also won a pair of earrings on ebay which turned out to be minute).

 On Saturday my friend and I went to The Bounty, a pub nowhere near the sea but on the Thames, we sat on the jetty and ate chips

On Sunday I went to London to talk about the art side of this years Vintage Festival, though on the way I got a hair cut. I'm involved with the Bad Art Salon - it's a fantastic competition that I have won and come second in. 
You can enter it too!

Give "bad taste" the credit it deserves, is good art really that good or is it BORING? 
Do you have any original art you think you could enter? Check out the link above for the details and examples of bad art. Ooh and if you have work you've done yourself - all the better!
Here's what I'm entering this year, it's a bizarre painting I found on ebay
So if you have anything like this - it HAS to be an original you should enter and you could get a free day ticket to Vintage and even win the Bad Art Salon!

In lovely leafy Hampstead we started making a banner based on the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen poster, it was surprisingly easy to map out and not too fiddly to make...

photo courtesy of David of Sleepy Panda Eyes and GWH Photography 

Will be back soon with some more sensible spending and hopefully a downsized room (slightly) 


Monday, 14 May 2012

More Cake and Tea

I'm doing a two part blog as I had so many photos from this weekend, please see

I'm also too impatient to wait any longer to post these, they're not too exciting, but I had such a great time I wanted to share it.

It was time for one of Lisa and my trips to a National Trust house, this time Mike came a long too.
We went to Claydon Manor in north Buckinghamshire. On the way we drove through Winslow and were enticed by signs to a vintage fair and the general quaintness of the place.

I love candid shots of people! The fair was nice, there was nothing special, although there was a sweet shop called Truly Scrumptious that looked amazing, but we'd OD'd on sweets the day before.

We popped into a charity shop and I picked up a pretty brooch

missing a stone, but meh

and this ex urban outfitters hairband

I loved these shoes but they were a tad small

After a quick lunch we carried on to the manor. It's a gorgeous place full of rococo architecture with beautiful rococo painted walls. Florence Nightingale often visited and there is a room and small museum dedicated to her

They weren't so bothered about us taking photos inside and I was completely in love with the colour schemes!

weep! I want these in my future (not likely to ever happen) own house

Excitingly, I also got to try on a huge Italian-vogue-donated-satin skirt as part of their dress up section

I could've walked around in it all day!
(sorry about the dodgy lighting!)

We also saw this amazing Chinoiserie room

One more look at the interior...


And some posing outside

Cardi - Primark (not worn all day yesterday after all!)
Beads - Charity Shop
Top - Charity Shop
Skirt - Ebay
 Shoes - Primark

ooh and Mike picked up this for £3, it was the bargain of the day. It's called Crooke's Radiometer or a Light Mill. No one knows quite how the sun causes the little sails to turn. They cost upwards of £16 new

Hope you had a great weekend too!