Friday, 27 April 2012

No Bag Left Behind

I'm going to a jumble sale tomorrow but that didn't stop me spending today...

I just couldn't leave it behind for only £2.99!!

 I also picked up three tops, including the Canadian made yellow jumper. Going by the label I think it looks early 60s perhaps. I need Curtise's expertise!

 Not sure of the age on this one either, there's no label. 

This last one was quite cheap but thoroughly modern and only from Tesco but I love anything with roses on so I grabbed it

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shoes and Books!!

Remember me talking about the free shoes I'd won and being sad because I looked fatty in the photos of the glam soiree we went to. Anyway, forgetting all that... the shoes finally arrived (I had a choice of three so wasn't sure what I was getting)
wooooo! I'm so pleased with them! Silver leather no less. Here's a proper look at them on the website

Last Saturday, Mike and I went to Penn Cottage Bookshop, which is literally a cottage full of books, they boast 60,000 books in stock! It's been featured on Midsomer Murders, which I know Helga loves..

 The Nazi alcove!!

We came away with some great stuff, there were some great clouds due to the crazy weather

and I spotted this in the bus stop - so guess what I'm up to on Saturday!!

Here's what I bought

 Cute Children's book on birds

 Art books

 1952 Modern Living and Wallpaper Exhibition Catalogue from 1946

 I love these wallapapers!!

Fashion tips from Modern Living

I've also been naughty and buying things from ebay.... here they are

1937 or 38 coronation brooch - only 99p + P&P
Rose print cardi £1.04 + P&P

Hurrah an outfit photo!! This skirt suit wasn't that cheap (£4.99 + P&P), but it's so 40s looking it's fab, I might not wear it together much

1960s Headscarf - present
shoes - jumble sale
Door art - me in 1999

Since they were so popular yesterday and in previous posts, here's some gratutious photos of Ruby and Monty

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Profligate!!/Familiar Faces

("Profligate" is a joke between Lisa and I as it was mentioned in Great Expectations when talking about young men who didn't spend wisely. High brow jokes only with us)

The first thing I have to mention is my winning a fab book called Wearable Vintage Fashion courtesy of The Vintage Festival and Vivays Publishing. I only won it on Sunday and received it today! I had a flick through and opening a page at random, you'll never guess who I spotted...
 it's only Vix!! I never knew, perhaps you did. There were a few other bloggers, Tickety Boo Tupney and Andi B Goode for example (I don't follow her, she's one of the antipodean crew right?)

The book is really rather clever, it gives examples of individual pieces to create a whole look
I get stuck on certain items and this really helps point out what little touches you can add to a vintage look

I have been very naughty.... oh Curtise you're going to tell me off for buying this

it's from...... PER UNA (if you didn't know, Curtise isn't a fan) - Per Una is often a bit mummsy and twee, in a bad way, but this fantastic snot coloured handbag is amazing!!

I wanted a new handbag and have had no luck on ebay, everything's too expensive and nothing in the charity shops - it saw a likely candidate but they wanted £30 for it! bugger that. My handbag criteria is that it must be carriable on my shoulder, it must be enviable, it mustn't be to heavy and it must fit loads of crap.

It was £27.50, not too bad really. I wanted a treat. Another one.

Ok, sorry this is a short post, I've got a few ebay buys and a load of books to show you but bed calls. (it's saying "make me you filthy wench")

Friday, 20 April 2012

Got My Charity Shopping Mojo Back

Damn straight I've got my Charity shopping mojo back.
Most of it was thanks to the YMCA who I'd previously been moaning about as pricing up their "retro clothes"  - thanks until I found out they had 3000 items in store and the manager was going to watch out for stuff for me!!!
Prepare yourselves.

I was being pestered as there was a thunderstorm and they tend to pant, get clingy and follow me everywhere.
Apparently I look like a cardboard cutout in this photo
I wore this to work, minus the cape which I bought for £6 in the YMCA shop
Lace top  - darling Vix
Trousers - Charity shop

I love this top! - charity shop - Oxfam

Wow, that'sa bright top - Charity shop again -Oxfam this time

This was amazing find - an original Pendleton 49er jacket for £6 (thanks to Wes for his Pendleton expertise)

Jacket  - Charity shop
 Scarf - Charity shop
Flares - Fat face sale

Oh I hope Curtise doesn't mind me copying her. After her last post I really really wanted a lawn cotton nightie. I found this sweet cotton M&S one which is fantastic and only £2.50. Maybe we could have a sleep over?

I don't rat my hair (eew)
I get ill from one cigarette
(cough, cough, cough)
 Keep your filthy paws
Off my silky draws

Scarf - charity shop

I can confirm this is the comfiest piece of clothing ever. Although try not to take too large a step as your legs are trapped! 

I got 3 other scarfs from that charity shop too, they let me go through a bin liner full of them!!
There seemed to be loads of psychedellic patterns. I just couldn't resist!

Thanks to Ruby for modelling them.

I  also popped into another charity shop. I was allowed out the back to look for large pictures to paint La Dama onto, lucky girl :S  - I picked up this crocheted coaster for 10p

These tiny wooden monkeys were a present for a Mike for continuing with the nicotine avoidance... I love them, I've got two large ones, I think they're Danish!

I also picked out......

Two Squirrells!!! So, Vanessa, email your address and I'll post them. They're really small and light, you could turn them into earrings perhaps!

I'll probably be back tomorrow as we're going to this bookshop
Hey  - Helga, look it was featured in Midsomer Murders. Apparently, for you Terry Pratchett fans, this was the inspiration for "L space"
For all you book nerds it apparently has 50,000 books!!

This has been a completely bizarre day weather wise. We had thunder, lightening, sun and hail... hail down the chimney.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Freebies and Thank you

Once again I'm here to say thank you for all your love and support regarding my last post. I'm getting there and posting about it really helped.

I would like to say that normal service has been resumed!

I haven't bought much recently, which I find depressing too, I love the thrill of the charity shop chase. After work yesterday however, I picked this Victorian print out of a skip outside the dodgy antiques centre next door. Despite the torrential rain it was 90% dry! 

Lovely isn't it? Why on earth they threw it away I have no idea, they obviously don't know what sells.

Today my work friend Marcia dropped a bag on my desk of luscious cosmetic samples, nice things too, like Sisley, Lancome and Clinique

and this amazing nail varnish!

I've also been busy on ebay and finally got one of these Bosson's Fraser Art Horse plaques. My nana had one exactly the same that hung in her dining room, it disappeared either when she died or shortly before, so I'm so glad I got another one - could even be the same one.

My boyfriend didn't believe me when I said the box I'd received contained a horses head

I also got this sweet cardigan, I just wanted a dusky pink one and this fitted the bill and I didn't have to fight for it
My bed is constantly invaded by little helpers

Here's two charity shop finds that I forgot to include

 This duck painting is the same size as you can see here  - 50p

This is a bit bigger than real life, sadly!!  £3

I've also forgotten to mention that I updated my postcard blog recently, if you follow the link it'll take you too the latest posts.
Here's some highlights

Wycombe rude boy, taken in Spring 2000 by me

Camden tube, May 2000, another one taken by me.

Hello Sailor! The first deck of the R.M.S. Scillonian III

 I'm suddenly in love with Midwinter's Lorna Doone pattern. I need some!!

arrrghh!!! I need this!!!

Thank you once again, blogland is awash with lovely people. 
Now to get back to what I signed up for - the acquisition of STUFF I DON'T NEED and then telling you all about it!

Here's a peek inside my brain

actually it's an awsome trailer for a previous BBC4 season on the Medieval Mind complete with Medieval Hendrix!