Friday, 30 March 2012

A handbag and a gladrag

Just a quick post to say I need a little help dating a handbag... I picked it up for £2, it looks new on the outside but inside looks older.... hmmm

It's not real leather and is sort of slightly padded... oh dear sorry for the vague description

Here's the interior... it's a bit peachier than the photo shoes, I like the contrast between that and the powder

Sorry for the slightly dodgy photos, are you able to help shed light on the possible age of it? 

I also picked up this fantastically garish cowgirl shirt

oooh look beads!

the word BEADS is for me, forever associated with:

Hope you're all ok and enjoying your Friday evening/Saturday morning

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Painting and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU

I'm feeling much better than I did in my last post. Thank you all so much for everything you said, it was all lovely and heartfelt and made me feel a lot better.... and a bit emotional. I think I've tried to reply personally to everyone but if I haven't then....


I also finally got on with some painting

It's a Chiffchaff - a small bird with stick legs and a round fluffy body who starts his call in the Springtime and for me the sound of them is very much a signal of the begining of Spring.

It's really just a practice piece before I get on with my other larger paintings of less frivolous subjects! Though I do like the sort of snooty, grumpy look these little birds have

I do love little birds, we have a garden full since our gorgeous but evil cat died. A female chaffinch was trapped in our elderly neighbours suffocating greenhouse on Tuesday,  I manged to catch her before she overheated (it's very warm here at the moment) and died - also glimpse of ebay dress I've not posted about yet...

In charity shopping news - I picked up a pistachio green M&S cardi for £2.99 in my local Oxfam, but it's not enough, I need to buy more....


Monday, 26 March 2012

Big Houses and Little Finds

On Saturday I did a bit of charity shopping in a neighbouring town - Beaconsfield, which is rather posh. Unfortunately all the charity shops are wise to what they get so there aren't many bargains and not many fat people giving away their stuff either. 
However I did manage to pick up these two lovely Victorian figures, both Staffordshire ware I think for £1 and £2 respectively.
They both have very typical Victorian features, I'd love to know more about them
They look great in their new home alongside Queen Vic

 I finally got round to putting some pictures up including the ones that Vix sent me recently
My wall is made of granite or something, we had to abandon the smaller pictures as the nails just kept bending! The bottom pics are attached with blu-tac!

 Now to the main event!

Lisa and I went to Basildon Manor in Berkshire, a National Trust place we thought we'd visit, now we're members. It was a gorgeous day, so warm and sunny, I didn't even wear tights!

 This lovely place was featured in the latest film version of Pride and Prejudice, which we all know wasn't as good as the 1995 Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle TV series. 

We were peckish so headed to the tearoom first, it had this amazing Indian jungle temple mural

Sunglasses - H&M
Necklace - charity shop
Dress -  ebay
Bag - National Trust Shop
Shoes- Charity shop

It's a glorious building and looked amazing in the sunshine

More posing

No photos of the inside as we're not allowed, though I did sneak one or two of the shell room to show Mike...

Outside frolicking in the garden....

We met some lovely ladies

And found a 1950s parlour

tutty bye! xxxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

I shouldn't be allowed out

I wandered into town today and ended up struggling back on the bus with another round of pointless purchases.
I popped into the fleamarket in the old people's/community centre:
 1970s stickers 50p
 1970s Prova Scarf - possibly part of an airline uniform 25p
 Pre 1955 imperial measurement ruler
 Mid Century tactile glass dish - 50p
 My most expensive and probably pointless purchase from the "fleamarket" (10 years ago it had 10+ amazing stalls, now it has 2, one of which is run by a really dodgy old woman so I avoid it) - but it is from 1897. £7.50
 Pinny - 75p
 Only one charity shop purchase today this cardi for £1.99

I found this most amazing early Victorian platter for only £3.50 but I really don't have any room for it, so had to leave it behind. I loved the pattern so much I too a quick photo, the little birds are so expressive. I'd love t know more about it

I also popped into Primark and picked up this very good copy of a Kidston duvet cover, lots of embroidery, only £16

I also grabbed these £3 plimpsols which I'll no doubt I'll destroy them quickly and this rose hairband for £1

I was meant to get the photos for my provisional license, but didn't. Oops

My family think I'm like this character from the Fast Show, I think they're probably right

Last night Lisa took me along to the Clarks shoes Spring/Summer 2012 launch, which she'd won us invites to - I'm going to do a full post, I was papped quite a lot and even interviewed - but here's a quick photo of my outfit
this was the end of the evening so I look a bit dishevelled, don't worry, I did do my bag up...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

60s Simmonds

Wonderful Curtise sent me this amazing eye bending dress in the post and as I was home and ready to pose before it got dark I thought I'd share it with you

Listen to this groovy 60s J Pop as you read to get the full effect. Or something


I look pretty grumpy in some of those. Can't wait for a bit more green in the garden! Mum wants to put down  multicoloured crazy paving - I can't wait!

Sunglasses - H&M
Necklace - Charity shop
Dress - present from Curtise
Tights - Ebay
Shoes - Ebay