Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Oh dear. What have I started?

I inadvertently said I hoped I didn't look like this in a shorter skirt
 This was because I want to look good. Not because I hate fat people, I am fat. 

And this was picked up on by a bizarre militant pro-fat lady, who I linked to in my previous post. I won't link her here, she's had more attention in the last two days of her blogging career than she has had since she started.
She seemed to think that I was spouting fat hatred.

sigh. Can you argue with these people? No. Their views are so warped and full of hatred they're akin to fascists. Or Fatscists. Snigger. What can you do? 
 She even uses the time of phrases associated with some kind of creepy cult
"I'm going to derail this"
"you have self identified"

Then I had this essay from a outwardly lovely looking lady who seems to equate being fat with being a persecuted Jew or African American in the deep south (please see comments on previous post for her whole comment)

Fat people are relentlessly demonised, vilified, pathologised, ridiculed and hectored on the daily. Fat is conflated with a list of negative stereotypes longer than your arm.

Last time I left the house there was a burning doughnut on the lawn. Seriously, what? I'm not denying there is a prejudice and even a hatred. I've come across it myself, but the whole world isn't against you. Most people don't care.
None of you, my bloggy friends care, I'm me, you like me because I'm me, no matter my size. All that matters is that we like the same things and have a laugh. Same goes from my boyfriend and non bloggy mates

As Clare will know, the bigger you are the less choice you have in terms of clothing, and that goes for vintage clothing - not least since fat women have a tendency to hold onto their clothes for grim death for fear of never finding anything half decent to fit them again.

Should I send her photos of my wardrobe? But which one? I have got way too many clothes. You know what's great about my blog crew is that if something is too big or too small, then we pass it on. Everyone wins.  

Setting aside the fact that thinner people take it as their birthright they can express their personality in myriad ways through their clothing choices

 Hey you, thinnos. Sounds like there's a prejudice against "thin" people. I hope all you thin people out there are expressing yourselves, it is your birthright you know.

The essay continues in the same tone. She's also had enough attention.

Also got this comment from Anon (promptly deleted)
Rhetoric aside, right or wrong, if I had hurt someone's feelings that deeply I think I would have just made a short apology and moved on ...

 An apology for talking about myself? 

 Really it boils down to this:

I can say whatever I want about my own body. It's my own body. And I can say it on my own blog. I can say I don't want to look like a weasel on crack or a rutting elephant seal if I so choose. Because it's my body.

Really, the whole thing has made me laugh. I'm me, I'm a blogger, I go out and get told I look great. I don't read fashion mags because they're nonsense. I hang out with other people who don't care. 

What Would Jo Brand Do?
Tell them all to fuck off

ok, so normal service will be resumed in the next post, which will be all about fabulous me being offered a press pass to Hyper Japan! (with the help of thinno, Vix)

ps. this is all I ever have to say on this subject. It is not open for discussion. I have a wonderful time blogging. My friends don't care about my size. It's only an issue for me. No one else. I am no one else's property.

Any correspondence for anyone with extreme view will be laughed at, possibly shared amongst my friends then deleted 

You girls have changed my life for the better. You're all wonderful you fantastic rainbow coloured, multi size bitches.

 I'm not going to let a bunch of bitter sad people change my blog.
Loves yous!