Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lisa's new do and shopping success

Oops! Whilst out Christmas shopping I ended up with some Charity shop treats for myself! Including this original, framed (later on) Mabel Lucy Atwell postcard! £3.50.

Two pairs of earrings for £1 each...
This amazing nude fairy brooch for £2.50, hint of a victory roll about her hair I think...
I love all things violet at the moment so I picked
up the lozenges with their pleasing Victorian packaging for £2.50. The clothes plasters from The Book House in Thame are by and were £2.99 for the robot and £8.99 for 10 tiny birds... not so cheap but such fantastic designs. There's soooo many I want on the website!!
Remember when you were little and you played with your best friend's hair because it was longer and her mum managed to get her to actually brush it? Well just because you're 30 doesn't mean you have to stop! I had a go at doing victory rolls with a short fringe on Lisa's hair, which is very thick and smooth. The result isn't bad at all. Thanks to the various tutorials, the first I came across being Fleur De Guerre's
If you look around there's some other great tutorials in the blogger community.

Here's the finished product

The rather lovely hair accessory was made by yours truely. Thinking of doing a load more and putting them on etsy in the new year. What do you think?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blog Of Bits

Just a quick blog to relay my depressing experiences in Beyond Retro, crafty badge and supermarket rockabilly shoes!

Whilst waiting for a friend in London, I decided to pop into Beyond Retro to find myself a 40s or 50s inspired dress. After going through the entire rack I found TWO 60s dresses in a pattern and style that Tracey Turnblad wouldn't be seen dead in. Oh, where's the hefty hideaway when you need it?

Ok, so there were some coats and jumpers that might've fit, not to mention the shoes, but that's not what I was after. And their hat selection was very poor too! I had to go and console myself with a peppermint hot chocolate and a Fortnum and Mason posh pie.

Anyway... here's my "pimp my brooch" effort. I bought this frankly unimpressive Peggy Lee pin from ebay for £5. I was disappointed with it when it arrived so decided to add it onto something else. All my own (dodgy) hand sewing!

And here are the amazing shoes I found in Sainsbury's for £11.25

Thanks to Land Girl 1980 I'm now desperate for some hair setting lotion to create perfect curls this Christmas! Will be scouting all old fashioned chemists and the bottom shelves of high street chains!

Finally, here's a Peggy Lee christmas classic for you all

 Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hair Today...

Today I finally got my hair sorted out for the bargain price of £25. This post also shows my poor attempt at victory rolls. Poor compared to the ladies of the vintage blogs I follow although I've had a lot of compliments at work and people seem to get what I'm trying to do.

It's a long way from my hair idol Betty Grable, but flattering nonetheless!
However, I've found a fantastic dress from ebay. After the usual worry of whether or not it was going to fit I was pleasantly surprised. The advantage of modern fabrics being that all important stretch.

My tips for ladies trying to find bigger vintage clothes is to look for those a couple of sizes bigger. We all know that vintage clothes come up small, but looking for sizes such as 20 or 22 or above turns up some interesting finds, so don't be disheartened by the lack of sizes 16-18.

So here's my attempt at looking like a 40s femme fatal
I think some more flattering underwear is needed!
Dress - ebay £23.99
Muff (hehehe) Church Bazaar £1 

Oh and my find of the week is this early 60s hat for £1.50 from Save The Children! It's so cute! Will definitely be wearing it this weekend!

Finally - Here's some Christmas music to make you all warm and fuzzy from The Andrews Sisters and Bing

Sunday, 11 December 2011


So finally I've started my blog on my obsession with all things vintage, listening, reading buying, wearing, the lot.

There are two parts to this blog:

1.I don't go for total immersion because, basically I can't fit into most vintage clothes of any period. Which is where the theme of this blog comes in... my quest to find great vintage and repro clothes. I'm living on NHS wages so I can't afford to pay out much for anything, not that it stops me from buying lots and lots of cheap things...

2. My other obsession is with bric-a-brac, I just love it. I can't get enough, even though I've filled my bedroom and am quickly overtaking the office at home with fantastic stuff I've found at charity shops, jumble sales and church fetes. Expect lots of photos of knick knacks I just couldn't leave the shop without.

Also I'll be including my love of music from the 20s to the 80s, posting links to some gems you might not have heard of . I'll be promoting my art and tentatively posting photos of my explorations into sewing and baking.

Where to start?

With this week's best buys perhaps...

English Ballet by the appropriately named Janet Leeper from the collectable King Penguin series £3

Vintage children's fabric in a rather awful modern pine frame was only 50p

and today...

 Couldn't resist this emery board for 99p from Superdrug and Collection 2000's extreme felt tip eyeliner, a must for flicks

I just couldn't resist this little fellow for £4.95, he's a children's nightlight and a copy of the cult Lapin & Me rabbit lamp

Today's musical interlude comes courtesy of Miss Kity Kallen, such a sassy song!